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Late-Night Snacks, Dim Sum Brunch: American-Chinese Eatery Gung Ho Opens in Remedy Space

The swanky new interior at Gung Ho, now open in the former Remedy.
The swanky new interior at Gung Ho, now open in the former Remedy. courtesy Ben Gibson/Gung Ho
It's been more than a year since Lower Greenville favorite Remedy closed to make way for a new concept, and now, we can finally get a taste of its replacement: Gung Ho.

Brought to life by 8020 Hospitality — the group behind HG Sply Co., Standard Service and the late Remedy — Gung Ho focuses on a much-maligned style of cuisine: Americanized Chinese food.

"The menu is inspired by American-Chinese food and ranges from traditional to creative dishes like pickled veggie eggrolls, Won Ton soup with braised bacon and shrimp dumplings, and Char Siu Pork with steamed buns," according to a press release. The restaurant, under executive chef Kirstyn Brewer, opened Tuesday night. It offers dinner service from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily and will eventually add a dim sum brunch.

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Gung Ho's menu focuses on Americanized Chinese dishes that so many of us grew up on in the '90s.
courtesy Kathryn Kemp/Gung Ho
Much like at Remedy, alcohol is not an afterthought at Dim Sum. Beverage director Matt Ragan (Victor Tangos, Westside Tavern) "wanted to create a drink menu as fun and approachable as the food," he said in the release. "I love Asian flavors and drew a lot of my influence from ingredients in favorite dishes. We focused on enhancing a guest’s entire experience from cheeky glassware and shareable Scorpion Bowls to an uncommon collection of wines that really pair well with the menu.”

Lately, Lower Greenville has felt like it needs a good shot in the arm. Maybe Gung Ho will be it.

Gung Ho, 2010 Greenville Ave. (Lower Greenville)
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