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Hypnotic Donuts Has Pigs in Blanket Now. With Brian Luscher's Red Hots.

Brian Luscher's hot dog business has taken one more step towards tube steak empire. Hypnotic Donuts just announced it will be featuring Luscher's links at the shop, wrapped in biscuit dough sprinkled with poppy seeds and topped with a pickled serrano chile.

Luscher has been quietly expanding the capacity of his side project, farming out the hot dog stuffing to a local rancher with a modest meat processing facility outside McKinney. The change allows Luscher to work with 50- and 100-pound batches instead of the small 20-pound runs he can manage on his own. While Luscher is no longer doing the work, he says the links are produced following his same exacting recipe.

The finished pig in a blanket is layered with cheddar cheese and a thin sheen of spicy mustard. They can be purchased at Hypnotic Donuts through the month of November for $5 apiece.

I called the shop to make sure they have them in stock and talked with Ashleigh Patterson, their head doughnut decorator. How do the biscuit wrapped hot dogs taste? "Oh my gosh, they are absolutely to die for," Patterson said.

She's eaten two already.

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