Justin Moore, a Person with a Wikipedia Page, Gets Tossed from Uptown's Truluck's

According to RTTNews, Justin Moore tweeted that he was kicked out of a Dallas restaurant last week for some undesirable behavior. This report raised two questions:

1. Who the shit is Justin Moore? 2. Why would someone follow his Twitter feeds, much less report on them?

Reading Moore's tweets, however, raised even bigger (and brighter) questions.

Here they goes y'all:

On the bus headed to Dallas for the cotton bowl. Should be fun! PIG SOOOIE!

Then, a bit later:

Literally, just got kicked out of a place in Dallas. TRUE LUCK'S! DO NOT GO THERE! Was tossed out for attempting to hit on two girls.

Then, oh shit: The alleged country music star remembers he's not supposed to hit on girls and tweet about it. Quickly playing the aloof and "woe is me" card, Moore's next Tweet was this:

This was according to the toolbag managing the place. Apparently he is unaware of my wife and 2 daughters. Had to be the most bizarre experience of my life. ... I feel like pretty woman...

Just imagine the phone call from Moore's wife following the second tweet. I imagine a chill went over all of Arkansas.

As soon as we can locate True Luck's, we'll get a comment from their toolbag.

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