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La Banqueta, East Dallas' Best Taquería, Is Closed

When Alberto Neri spoke with the Observer earlier this summer to talk about his little taco empire, he mentioned the original location of his chain of taquerías would be closing. The space was too small, and a better spot was available right across the street, so why not move and see if he could continue to grow his business? Neri took control of the second building and started planning the move, but the delays that seem to hamper all restaurant build-outs weighed on Neri, too.

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The same parking requirements that held up the Jonathon's Oak Cliff kitchen expansion, and are currently holding up Brian Luscher's hot dog restaurant in East Dallas, caused logistical nightmares for Neri's move. The city mandates a certain amount of parking be provided for every square foot the restaurant occupies. Neri needed to expand the existing parking lot if he wanted to convert the space to a restaurant.

And then things got really complicated. If you're a taco fanatic with a penchant for La Banqueta's green sauce and you're reading this on your mobile device, you might want to sit down.

Last Monday Neri's landlord evicted him. Neri says the owner of the building found a new tenant who was ready to go on a long-term lease. What's worse, according to the famed taquero, is that the new tenant nabbed all of the location's current employees. Even though you might think taco-making might be a more simple craft, quality varied a touch across the La Banqueta chain and the Bryan Street location was one of Neri's best.

Neri is currently trying to work with a lawyer to see what his options are, but for now it appears there's been a taco uprising in East Dallas.

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