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Lady Steakhouse STK Headed to Uptown Next Year

Get ready for it Dallas. STK is coming to Dallas and will open on McKinney Avenue in Uptown sometime next year. News broke yesterday that the lady-friendly meat den was coming after locations opened in New York, Las Vegas, Washington and other cities.

What can we expect from STK when it arrives? Red carpet and bare midriff models according to the Washington City Paper, which reported on STK's opening event there in April 2014. WCP noted a collection of "wannabe glamazons, pseudo-celebs, rich dudes, and lowly food writers" at the event, and noted STK was part of a larger trend as restaurants increasingly cater to women. Make note Dallasites: More "female-focused" restaurants are on the way, from steakhouses to sports lounges to bars that serve chicken wings.

There are more clues about what we can expect from the coming STK Dallas on the restaurant group's website. STK caters to ladies who don't enjoy too much steak (or carbs), who wear pointy heels and lipstick that's redder than a freshly cut rib-eye. And to help those ladies maintain that slender figure, the menu will feature progressive portioning and plenty of healthy items. I'll have the 2-ounce filet, please.

What's better is many of the images on the website also contain dudes — dudes in designer denim, dudes carrying ladies while they sip Champagne, dudes with a scruff of a beard trimmed just so — implying that STK isn't just for ladies to catch up with other ladies, but for ladies who want to lock in a date with a dude who can afford the menu prices at STK. The cheapest steak on the menu at the New York restaurant is $29 and they pass well through $100. If you need further evidence that STK aims to be a meat market in more ways than one, the dress code suggests a little black dress and heels for the ladies and jackets and dress shoes for the men. "Dress to impress," the policy reads. "You never know who you might meet." Ahem.

Sounds perfect to me. Of all the restaurants that have invaded Uptown in the past few years, STK seems to have nailed every McKinney Avenue cliche with one press release. Personally, I'm going to wait and see how well they can cook a steak. I don't break out my dress shoes for just any meat-seller, you know.

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Scott Reitz
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