Make Yourself a (Pineapple) Slice, Made Famous by The Capital Grille, at Home

Looking for something to do at home? Go ahead and drink this.
Looking for something to do at home? Go ahead and drink this. courtesy The Capital Grille
Quarantine can be rough. But, while we all stay home and try to ride out this shitstorm together, cuddling our palettes of toilet paper, how about a drink?

One of our favorite, and simplest, cocktails we've seen lately is the Stoli Doli at The Capital Grille. The signature cocktail has been a mainstay of theirs since the early 1990s, and you've no doubt seen it behind the bar in a glass dispenser beckoning you to try it.

"In fact, the Stoli Doli is ordered enough times per year to serve the entire population of Iceland," the restaurant's publicist reported.

Pineapple-infused Stoli vodka is delightfully chilled straight up ... that's it. It's an easy drink, and can also be the base of other fun cocktails.

Here's how to do it yourself:
  • Pick up a pineapple on your next masked run to the nearly-empty grocery store (they're available ... I bought one yesterday!)
  • Slice it and remove the "skin" and place it in an airtight jug
  • Add a bottle of Stoli vodka
  • Wait 12 days
Of course, you can taste it along the way to see how it's coming along ... and you may just decide to drink it before the 12 days are up.

When things (finally) get back to normal, head on over to The Capital Grille and enjoy one without the effort and with all of the social proximity — 364,260 Icelanders can't be wrong.

Stoli Doli ($15): Pineapple-infused Stolichnaya Vodka served chilled and straight up

The Capital Grille, 500 Crescent Court (Uptown).
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