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Taqueria El Arquito Opens in West Dallas, With More Locations Planned

Trompo tacos from Taqueria El Arquito
Trompo tacos from Taqueria El Arquito Taylor Adams
The gas station adjacent to Trinity Groves has had some updating in the small kitchen inside of it. For one, there’s a shiny new spit rotating trompo meat.

Nancy Reza has opened Taqueria El Arquito inside Sunny Food Mart with the help of her siblings, all of whom come from working at Taqueria Taxco with their older sister.

“We left more than a month ago, and we were looking to open just one taco shop and that was all, but then opportunities came, they called us and we’re working on five locations right now,” Reza said.

click to enlarge Permanent signage is coming: Nancy Reza said they got the location just two weeks before they opened. - TAYLOR ADAMS
Permanent signage is coming: Nancy Reza said they got the location just two weeks before they opened.
Taylor Adams
Those five locations, all in gas stations, are scheduled to open around Dallas-Fort Worth by the end of the month.

They’re taking experience from Taxco and blending that with recipes from Reza’s brother-in-law José Angel.

You’ll taste that in the trompo, for example, which has a different kind of seasoning, but that’s their intention.

“There’s no way you can make a bad taco, it’s just matter of taste,” Reza said (twice during our conversation). “We played with [recipes]; I guess we came out with something even better.”

The taqueria, which opened Friday, is open from 5 a.m. to midnight every day, serving items that are quick to hand over.

click to enlarge A chorizo-and-egg taco on flour - TAYLOR ADAMS
A chorizo-and-egg taco on flour
Taylor Adams
“The menu, I think it’s very small compared to Taxco; we just included the menu that is fast: All of our locations are inside gas stations. We don’t want to make people wait,” Reza said.

An order does happen quickly, which is advantageous when you’re loitering around the inside of a gas station with a mask on.

The breakfast tacos are simple and the menudo is straightforward — an easy go-to if you’re in the area. And by the end of the month with all of those new locations, your odds of being in the area aren’t too bad.

Taqueria El Arquito, 353 Singleton Blvd. (West Dallas). Open 5 a.m. to midnight daily.
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