Savor Dallas Announces This Year's Itinerary

Savor Dallas is back for it's ninth annual dining event. The four-day food extravaganza kicks off in Dallas before making its way to the Irving Convention Center for an International Grand Tasting.

I attended last year's main event and after wrestling with parking and awkward plates, settled in for a nice enough time. The indoor portion of the event was packed to the point of claustrophobia, but outdoors a band played for attendees and a few food vendors kept hunger at bay.

If you're not interested in heading out to Irving there are a number of events hosted closer to downtown.

Thursday night offers a sneak peak at the fast food incubator Trinity Groves, which strikes me as a very odd event, but a Friday night party at the Perot Museum seems like a great idea.

See also: - Hey, Museums, This Is How You Cater a Party.

When the Perot first opened they had a massive party that allowed guests to explore the world of science (including fracking!) with a gin and tonic. Attendance to this event is limited, so jump now if you're interested in racing a Tyrannosaurus rex with a glass of chardonnay in hand.

To find out more about other events, hit up the Savor Dallas website.

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