Six Alternatives to "Bros Icing Bros"

Bros icing bros? Oh mah gah, we are so over it. Running up to a dude and flashing a bottle of Smirnoff Ice so that he has to chug it? Whatever. Not only is just an easy cop-out for when you wake up naked on the pool table spooning your frat brother, but it's total child's play.

We here at City of Ate like a challenge, friends. And a malt liquor beverage may get us well on the way to shit-hammered, but it's all too smooth going down. It's almost too enjoyable to get "Iced." And blocking an Ice with your own Ice so that the Icer becomes a double Icee? Lame.

Sure the original site may have been taken down, and Daniel Tosh may have slashed the throat of the stupidly popular fraternity prank on Tosh.0, but he didn't offer any creative alternatives. We are: after the jump, read the full list.

Fruit Bagging: This one is a bit of a physical challenge. Place one Capri Sun (we like Pacific Cooler, but it's your call) between your butt cheeks -- low enough to support it once your pants are securely fastened. Approach your frat brother and ask him in a disturbingly polite manner if he might help you because you are uncomfortable and think there might be something wrong with your buttock, lower back, glute, tramp stamp, etc. If he calls you a name and tells you to fuck off, slap him with the ass-tainted Capri Sun and make him drink it. If he is considerate and genuinely concerned, reward him with a Capri Sun...but not the one from your pants.

Blimey!: This one combines the brutishness of shotgunning a Bud Lime from a can with the stealth of a British secret agent. You must sneak up on your seated subject, stab the can and hurdle the couch to place yourself next to them without being detected. Only then can you pop the top over their mouth and jovially say, "Blimey!" You also must be wearing a fantastic suit upon which you may get none of the BLime. The only block in Blimey is an unsuccessful Blimey.

Sugar Sticking: Essentially the same premise as Icing, but involving churros. Length and filling is left to your discretion...or lack thereof.

Sunny D-eez Nutz: Take a full, or at least non-empty, container of SunnyD (in the size of your choosing, though -- fair warning -- a 1.5L could result in a lawsuit) and surreptitiously aim it at the balls, junk, testes, what have you of your target. Yell "Sunny Deez NUTZ!" as you throw it the bottle at said globes. If you make contact and your target falls, they have to chug the contents of the bottle before they can get up off the ground. If you do not make contact, you must stand still and take a shot...which sucks ass even harder because you're expecting it, so make your shot, asshole.

Boxing: Sudden Franzia attack. If lacking his or her own Franzia, the target must then crouch in a box and drink approximately one glass-worth* as the assailant holds the tap open above. Should the assailant break stream with an insufficient grip on the tap, the roles reverse. Note: The element of surprise is hindered by the size and shape of the wine vessel.  Also note: If you ask your friends to help you move, well, you're a dickhead. Also, you will most likely get boxed what with all the freakin' boxes just lying around waiting for someone to crouch inside them. Think, people! THINK!
*Bartenders count to 4 per ounce, but a wine tap pours significantly more fluid than a liquor spout so let's cut that in half and multiply by 5 (for an average 5 ounce glass). 10 seconds.

Creaming: Oreo cream-to-face assault. Victim must use any means but their hands to remove cream. If you're blocked via already-possessed Oreo during a creaming, nothing really happens, except you get your Oreos taken away and the next time you Skype with your dad, you won't have any to eat with him.

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