Sushi Restaurant to Open in Trinity Groves, Italian in Bishop Arts

The latest stage in Phil Romano's quest to take over the culinary universe is the planned opening of Sushi Bayashi, a casual sushi bar. Late last night, the Morning News scooped the latest addition to the gamut of fine dining at Trinity Groves. Romano is describing it as "an everyday kind of sushi bar." Leading the kitchen will be chef Yuki Hirabayashi, who left Kenichi, Victory Park's sushi lounge, in October.

Sushi Bayashi joins the list of upcoming Trinity Groves openings with Cake Bar, Potato Flats, Kate Weiser Chocolate, Didi's Tamale Diner, a new Off-Site Kitchen, Beignet Bridge Club and St. Rocco's.

Meanwhile, over in Bishop Arts District, chef and restauranteur David Rice announced plans to open Bocce's in the former Inforzato's space. This new Italian restaurant will serve homemade sauces and pastas. And according to SideDish, Rice is developing a late-night menu.

As the name Bocce's might imply, Rice also hopes that the restaurant will have a full indoor bocce court, eventually. But first, his plans are to give Bishop Arts an Italian joint that doesn't require a reservation months in advance (we're still waiting on our table, Lucia).

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