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Tonight's Your Last Night to Support Kidd's Kids While Eating Thai at Sakhuu

Back at the start of March we told you about the ongoing promotion at Sakhuu, which is raising money for Kidd's Kids, a charity that gives chronically ill and physically challenged children a chance to unwind. Today is the last Monday in the monthlong campaign, so I checked in with owner Kyla Phomsavanh to see how things have been going.

"It's been great," he said with simultaneous enthusiasm and exhaustion. Phomsavanh says he thinks after today's event he will raise about $8,000 for the charity. Of course, there's still tonight's dinner service, and if the trend that's carried out across the previous three Mondays continues, it promises to be a very busy one.

Phomsavanh says his volunteers have been having a lot of fun, but that they're also pretty tired. Many diners have returned each Monday to contribute a very crowded dining room. "I feel like tonight is going to be even more crazy," he added.

To get through the last night, he's calling on additional family members to try and make tonight's dinner service as smooth as possible. "Who knows," Kyla asked. "We could even get to $10,000." It's a sizable number for such a small restaurant.

If you're inclined, you should go and help them out. All you have to do is eat some delicious Thai food and all the money you leave on the table will go to Kidd's Kids. And don't be a skimpy tipper! All gratuities are going toward the charity, too.

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