Village Baking Co. Lands on Lower Greenville

If you worry about carbohydrates or prescribe to some variant of the paleo diet, please avert your gaze. There is nothing for you to see here except extra inches, belt notches and other setbacks to your rigorous wellness plan. For the rest of us, reach for the elastic banded pants. Bread, bread and more bread is coming to Lower Greenville Avenue, some carb-loading ying to HG Sply's carb-loathing yang.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm screwed. The only thing keeping me from taking a baguette home from the original Village Baking Co., farther up Greenville on University Boulevard, with more frequency is the long drive. As it is, I only stop in when I'm up that way and a canelé craving consumes me. Now that I can actually walk to an endless supply of boules, baguettes and all manner of sweet things, I'm hosed.

Thankfully seating is only offered outside, though with a sandwich like the one pictured above and weather as it has been recently, this is hardly a deterrent. There's an espresso machine lurking somewhere inside, which means croissants of all sorts and coffee are now an option on a daily basis.

Considering the current offering, Village Baking Co.'s Boulangerie is a stellar addition to the recently renovated strip. I hope they offer a few spots of five minute parking out front to facilitate a daily visit. Or do I?

Boulangerie, 1921 Greenville Ave., (214) 821-3477

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