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With 27 on the Back Burner, Chef David Temple Headed to Uptown's New Mason Bar

Brandt Wood, owner of Trees and the Green Room, will open Mason Bar (2701 Guillot St), a new uptown concept featuring drinks and eats from the Lowcountry. And he's tapped chef David Temple, known for his underground dinners, to design and execute the menu.

Temple told me by phone that the menu will feature some casual staples he's been unable to find elsewhere in Dallas: Toad in the hole (an egg fried inside a circle cut out from a piece of toast), grilled oysters laced in compound butter and those pig wings we wrote about a while ago -- Temple plans to smother his in a Sriracha BBQ sauce.

Daily specials will allow Temple to practice his creativity, which brings us back to his original concepts: What's going to happen to the underground suppers and his plans for his Deep Ellum restaurant, 27?

Apparently the dinners will continue on an irregular basic, announced through the same email list Temple has used to announce previous dinners. 27, however is completely on the back burner for now.

The Mason Bar is slated to open in mid January.

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