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FreshFin Offers a Fresh Take on a Tired Food Trend

Poke bowls are trending big-time right now, and FreshFin does them right.
Poke bowls are trending big-time right now, and FreshFin does them right. Courtesy of FreshFin
We're just gonna say it: the Hawaiian poke (pronounced po-kay) bowl craze is sexy as hell. Beautiful, high-quality, fresh fish tossed with vibrant veggies, rice and other mea ("things" in Hawaiian). Since we wrote about the onslaught of poke restaurants in June, we've seen even more similar concepts open, and we ain't mad about it. We're all for a healthy food craze.

The newest Lower Greenville food spot, FreshFin, does just one thing, and they do it well: poke bowls. They give you the chance to create your own bowl from start to finish. Start with a base like kale, purple or white rice or quinoa, top it with one of their premium proteins like Scottish salmon and yellowtail hamachi, then go crazy with options like shiso salt, furikake (Japanese seasoning), watermelon radish, crispy corn and much more. Haven't been forced to make enough decisions yet? They have eight sauces, too. Needless to say, if you suffer from decision paralysis, go with one of their six signature bowls.

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The Umami Classic is the best-seller and features yellowtail hamachi, Scottish salmon, green & red onion, avocado, roe, carrot, Furikake, umami shoyu, and a black Sesame Emulsion.
Susie Oszustowicz
Led by chef Joon Choe, the shop calls itself "chef-driven" and is decidedly Hawaiian-inspired. They promise to source the "highest quality fish from responsible and sustainable fisheries," and their efforts come through in the flavor and texture of their fish. Their entire menu is entirely gluten-free, and they're vegan-friendly to boot.

The shop chose to partner with Buda Juice, another local hero, to offer some of their juices and "shots." Get a little more basic with a Topo Chico or boxed water to wash down the vegetable chips you grab on the way out.

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Double down on your healthy meal with Buda Juices, available through their partnership with the local juice company.
Susie Oszustowicz
All bowls start at $8.95 for a regular and $12.95 for a large, but are filling and will satisfy every brick of the food pyramid — except dessert. You're on your own for that.

FreshFin Poké Co., 3611A Greenville Ave.,
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Susie Oszustowicz

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