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Dreams Come True At a Dallas Liquor Store With Mezcal and a Breaking Bad Reunion

Mezcal in the Middle. Aaron Paul (left) and Bryan Cranston (right) are signing bottles of their Dos Hombres mezcal in Dallas.
Mezcal in the Middle. Aaron Paul (left) and Bryan Cranston (right) are signing bottles of their Dos Hombres mezcal in Dallas. Jon Kopaloff/Getty
This month, if you walk into a liquor store to stock up on your nectar of choice, before you get to questioning how far your life choices will spiral, you could be faced with the two most distinguished figures in the meth industry. Before you assume this is the work of your Ghost of Christmas Future, you should remember it’s just a promotional appearance by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. It's not a "fugue state."

Breaking Bad is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished TV series of all times, responsible for cementing the word “bitch” in pop culture — almost as much as Britney Spears and Meredith Brooks — and for raising the standards in both TV and meth production.

It’s also created some of the greatest spin-offs: the prequel series Better Call Saul, the sequel film El Camino, and best of all, the business partnership of Cranston and Paul, which allows fans to see the duo reunite time and time again.

The stars of Breaking Bad, who played, respectively, meek-chemistry-teacher-turned-Suburban-Scarface Walter White, and daffy drug dealer Jesse Pinkman, are real life besties. After pushing Walt’s designer-grade meth for five seasons, the real life pair teamed up a few years ago to produce a much more elegant drug: alcohol.

Cranston and Paul are the two men behind Dos Hombres mezcal, a Tequila-like spirit made from agave. The real hombre behind the brand’s production, however, is Gregorio Velasco, a third-generation mezcalero based in Oaxaca, Mexico. So you know it’s good.

Now if they could just open a Pollos Hermanos.

The actors will be signing bottles and meeting fans at two stops in Texas this month. One of them will be in Houston, and the other one in Dallas from 11 a.m to 12:30 p.m on Saturday, Jan. 21, at Total Wine & More (9350 N. Central Expressway).

There’s no RSVP required, but you should arrive early so you can be the millionth person to ask Paul to sign “Yo, bitch!” or for Cranston to tell you that you are the danger, with an autographed bottle of mezcal.

... Bitch.
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