DFW's Five Scariest Graveyards

If you're craving a true fright this Halloween, check out these five allegedly haunted graveyards. We recommend bringing a support system and at least one Ghostbuster.

Estes Cemetery in Grand Prairie (above) If a mix of innocence and fright calls you, Estes Cemetery is right up your alley. Visitors have reported seeing strange blue lights and hearing the laughter of women and children -- the cemetery's permanent residents.

* * * * *

Ross Cemetery in McKinney One of the oldest graveyards in McKinney, Ross Cemetery is home to EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recordings of a voice urging visitors to "Get Out." If you choose to ignore those warnings, know this -- people have also reported feelings of nausea and the sounds of faint drumming and screams. We'll let you do the investigating.

* * * * *

Bethel Cemetery in Coppell The corpse of an evil and demented devil worshipper lies here, mysterious symbols and markings carved into his headstone. Make sure to take a camera with you -- photogs have reported that pictures of this evil-doer's headstone come out distorted when viewed later. Pictures of any other headstones come out completely normal, though. Say cheese ...

* * * * *

Confederate Graveyard in Grand Prairie When you walk up to the Confederate Graveyard, you will notice two things: a No Trespassing sign and the other-worldly sounds of the fallen soldiers lying within. Jumping the fence is up to you, but we warn you -- this is private property. The owner lives deep in the cemetery, but he probably won't see you.

Those brave enough to venture inside say they have heard voices, screams, and even gunshots. A group of teenagers once said they ran back to their car to find the doors unlocked (they were sure they'd locked them) and a child's small handprint on the inside of the windshield. Good luck, and remember to keep your eye out for the flashing lights of gunshots.

* * * * *

Oakland Cemetery in Dallas Filled with decrepit headstones, broken statues and overgrown weeds and vines, the Oakland Cemetery in Dallas is only for the truly brave.

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