Best Places in Dallas to Drink (AKA "Work Remotely") with Your Dog

Just a little Puppuccino action at Foxtrot. Nothing to see here.
Just a little Puppuccino action at Foxtrot. Nothing to see here. Courtesy of Foxtrot
Our dogs have effectively been our drinking buddies and our co-workers for the last 14 months. And with it being National Take Your Dog to Work Day today (perhaps one of our top five favorite frivolous holidays to celebrate), we thought we'd honor both by giving you our favorite "remote offices" at which you can drink with your pup today. Just promise that if you do go, you'll send us pictures. Boop.

If you actually intend to get work done ...

Foxtrot Market's patio is not just dog-friendly, but they're dog lovers. With bowls for your pup's water to a strong internet connection and a steady supply of caffeine from behind their counter, this is the spot to knock out work emails or take that Zoom call, enjoy a glass of wine from their well-curated selection, and have your dog underfoot the entire time. And don't forget Fido's puppaccino.

If you want to watch the game/match/whatever ...

Toller Patio has TVs aplenty so you won't miss a second of the action or a second of quality time with your dog. They even serve peanut butter puppy popsicles for your pup, which you'll likely need as there's not much shade here.

If your pup loves a road trip ...

Head north and visit The Shack at Austin Ranch, a complex featuring a one-acre off-leash dog park and giant shaded patio that with six restaurants immediately accessible, including one whose name, Grrrowler's Tap Room & Beer Garden, begs a visit from you and your dog.

If you want to see how the sausage is made ...

If you're a beer fan, local breweries Four Corners and Manhattan Project and nice spots to tap out some emails with periodic breaks to take a sip of beer and pet your dog. We've even seen fundraisers benefitting canine rescue programs at Four Corners, and that's a cause that we can get behind. You can also head up north and visit Western Son Distillery in Pilot Point to enjoy their outdoor space while sipping their prickly pear vodka. Better yet, plan ahead to visit during one of their concerts that are once again being held.

If you want live music ...

Lee Harvey's is the O.G. outdoor bar in Dallas, and they're pup-friendly thanks to a trusty dog run entry for the days they close their gates. Grab yourself a beer and one of their juicy burgers, get Fido some water, and settle in for a warm Texas afternoon of live music.

click to enlarge Sometimes the dogs at Mutt's like to dress up. - MIKE BROOKS
Sometimes the dogs at Mutt's like to dress up.
Mike Brooks

If you're not up for anything new ...

We all know the usuals: Mutt's Canine Cantina, Lazy Dog, Katy Trail Ice House, and The Rustic. They're the tried and true spots for our furry friends. You'll find plenty of space and plenty of understanding from your table neighbors, and some even offer menus of treats just for your dog. (My dog just told me he recommends you get your pup the Beef Dog Bowl at Canine's, and 10/10 recommend the Pepper's Play Pack.)

click to enlarge To-go cocktails from Bowen House - SUSIE OSZUSTOWICZ
To-go cocktails from Bowen House
Susie Oszustowicz

If you still don't want to put on pants ...

Dallas still allows cocktails to-go, and you can order your pup Good Boy Dog Beer. Call ahead and order your favorite cocktail and take it home. (Bonus, your dog can ride with you to pick it up. Just remember not to leave him in your car!)

click to enlarge Fifi is just waiting for her housemade treat. Can't wait to Yelp about how delish it was. - COURTESY OF STATE & ALLEN
Fifi is just waiting for her housemade treat. Can't wait to Yelp about how delish it was.
Courtesy of State & Allen

Honorable mentions ...

State & Allen, who just redid their patio, makes homemade dog treats for guests of the furry nature. Ask your server for one of their delicious (or at least they appear to be so from my dog's reaction when it hits the ground) treats. And La La Land Kind Cafe isn't just kind to its human guests, but they also love their canine ones! They have a small dog park for your pup to enjoy while you work and sip your (n/a) coffee.
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Susie Oszustowicz