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Behold (and Chug): LUCK's Beer Stout Float

Fear not, Dallas citizens, for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people aged 21 and over. For unto you is served this day, in the master-planned restaurant complex of Trinity Groves™, a summer indulgence, which you're going to want to pour into your facefront.

This shall be a sign unto you: get your mouth on a stout float from LUCK Dallas, or get thee the hell out of my way. It's beer, it's ice cream -- it's beer ice cream drowning in beer.

I'm a sucker for the combination of nostalgic childhood foods and booze, like the Double Wide's crazy-ass cocktails made with Tang and YooHoo. But the great thing about LUCK's beer stout float is that it actually delivers on your expectations of it being delicious, decadent, and perfect in every way.

The real star of the dish is the ice cream -- it's made in house from a rotating list of local beers and other ingredients. When I was there, LUCK was working through a batch made with Rabbit Hole Brewing's Rapture Brown Ale. You can buy the ice cream on its own, of course. But why the hell would you? For $2 more, they'll put those scoops of ice cream into a mason jar and top it with Lakewood's Raspberry Temptress. Then -- and this is the best part, so please pay attention -- you get to consume beer and beer ice cream at the same time.

If, somehow, you found ten million dollars, then invested that money in a successful start up and watched your fortune grow to ten billion dollars, and you managed to cash out at just the right time and you literally had more money than you could ever possibly spend in your lifetime, there STILL wouldn't be a pleasure you could buy that would dramatically exceed the experience of consuming delightful beer and delectable beer ice cream at the same time.

Basically, LUCK's beer stout will make you and Warren Buffet the same person, if only for a few melty moments. Stout floats are the new economic equalizer, and it's a wonderful time to be alive and middle class in Dallas.

And while we're on the subject -- get with the program, all the other ice cream. Why aren't you getting me drunk while I stuff my face with 160 percent of my daily amount of saturated fat? In fact, why doesn't all food also get you drunk? Could LUCK make this happen? Has LUCK already made this happen? How many beer stout floats have I had? How many more can I have? Oh yeah, then answer me this, smart guy -- If I'm not an international billionaire playboy, then how is it that I'm eating beer ice cream AND beer at the same time?

I'll have one more of these, please and thank you.

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