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Bolsa Announces Winter Cocktail Menu

Just this morning Catherine Downes dropped by my desk to bitch about Bolsa. She said their weekly Wednesday special, featuring $5 drinks, had gotten a little stale and was wondering if they'd do anything soon to reinvigorate the program.

Swear it. Just happened while I was drinking my morning coffee.

And less then an hour later the press release arrives. Bolsa's got a brand new cocktail menu, and Jason Kosmas is behind the mixology.

New drinks include the Formon made from Bols Genever, an old school gin, aperol and lemon (yes please) and the Chocoholic made from Pecan Street Rum, Kahlua, chocolate syrup and coffee bitters (no thank you). Thankfully my favorite Bolsa cocktail, the gin-based Killing Thyme, is still on the menu.

Kosmas will be on hand tonight from 5 p.m.-9 p.m. to mix up drinks and celebrate the end of Movember, the month-long celebration of lip-muffs to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. I wonder if Kosmas will be shaving the 'stache at the event? A barber is supposed to be on hand.

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