Dugg Burger in East Dallas: Because What Dallas Definitely Needs Is Another Burger Chain

There is, it seems, yet another burger chain ready to bloom in Dallas: Dugg Burger, a "deliciously simple yet innovative eating experience" coming soon to Casa Linda.

The menu is straightforward and enticing because I'm physically addicted to animal fat. The restaurant says it "will serve burgers, fries & drinks -- that's it. We're keeping it simple so we can focus on delivering a truly exceptional burger." It will be fighting for, and will no doubt win, a spot in your burger-chain rotation alongside Hopdoddy, Liberty Burger, Mooyah and Smashburger, none of which you should eat before eating at Maple & Motor or Off-Site Kitchen, both of which would probably be better replaced by a splurge at Knife or Boulevardier, although you'd probably be better off just staying home and grilling tilapia.

See you at Dugg Burger.

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