Fly into HG Sply Co. Dallas for an Aberfeldy Cocktail to Save the Bees

Fly in and try this drink to see what the buzz is about.
Fly in and try this drink to see what the buzz is about. HG Sply Co.
Lately there's been a ton of buzz about sustainable and eco-friendly bar programs. We're ditching the straws to save the turtles and dehydrating our garnishes to reduce waste. We recently learned that Aberfeldy Scotch whisky and HG Sply Co. are trying to save the bees.

Aberfeldy partnered with 20 bars across the country to create cocktails that will bolster the bee population at each locale. So for every one of their signature Revive the Hive cocktails served through Aug. 31, they'll donate 12 bees to a local hive in the customer's honor.

HG Sply Co.'s program benefits Harmony Hollow. This initiative is part of the brand's larger global Barrels and Bees program, which looks to help local beekeepers by promoting the use of local honey in bar programs.

The cocktail itself is sure to be the highlight of your day. It's simple, yet flavorful. Bringing together their beautiful 12-year scotch with apricot and lavender balances nicely, thanks to the addition of egg white, giving the cocktail a richer texture. You have to try one on National Honey Bee Day this Saturday, Aug. 17.

Revive the Hive ($12): Aberfeldy 12-Year-Old, Rothman & Winter Orchard apricot liqueur, lavender honey syrup made with local honey, egg white

HG Sply Co., 2008 Greenville Ave., Dallas (Lowest Greenville).
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Susie Oszustowicz