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Mr. Max, a Beloved Japanese Place, Has Closed

Mr. Max has been on my list ever since I read about the eel donburi they served here on City of Ate. But apparently that list is long, because that post was published more than a year ago and I'd still yet to visit. And apparently that list is too long, because Mr. Max has since closed.

I finally made plans to head out to Irving and visit the restaurant but while checking out the hours online I noticed some users on Yelp had reported Mr. Max closed. After a few phone calls over the weekend went unanswered I called a Japanese restaurant located across the street and confirmed the closure. Mr. Max is gone.

They closed back in December, right after Christmas, according to an employee who picked up the phone at Hanaki Japanese Cuisine. He couldn't tell me a reason for the closure.

Mr. Max was known for its tiny dining room and small sushi bar that transported customers all the way to Japan for the cost of a maki roll. They were also said to serve a no-frills bowl of ramen that was among the best in Dallas.

Lesson learned: When you hear about an interesting restaurant way out in the suburbs get out there soon. Or at least don't wait more than a year.

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Scott Reitz
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