Openings and Closings

San Salvaje Is Closed, Forever

Earlier this week we interviewed a spokesperson for San Salvaje, asking questions about the recent decision to close the restaurant during the evenings. San Salvaje would remain open for lunch during the week, and during evenings for private events. The move seemed strange and hardly indicative of a healthy restaurant business, so we asked about sales and were assured things were quite busy.

Later that afternoon we got a clarification. “Amongst Stephan Pyles Concepts, San Salvaje has more frequently been sourced for larger corporate buyouts and smaller private evening events, therefore the decision was made to establish it as a private event space in the evenings," the email read. The restaurant was described as a sought-after midday dining destination.

Until it wasn’t. Moments ago, I received the following update.

Stephan Pyles of Stephan Pyles Concepts announced today that, effective immediately, San Salvaje has closed its doors permanently. After envisioning different operational scenarios, it became evident that remaining open for weekday lunch would not be adequate for sustaining business at this location. Pyles said, "I will continue to incorporate my love of Hispanic and Latin cultures and cuisines within our other concepts. I would like to thank each and every one of our guests who supported San Salvaje and we look forward to continuing to serve you at our other restaurants.

The announcement was actually taped to the front door of the restaurant yesterday, in a failure to pay rent notice. Side Dish tried to have lunch today but the door was locked shut.

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