Senator Charles Schwertner Wants To Give Texans Their Very Own Pie

The recently elected Senator Charles Schwertner has been busier than a beehive down in Austin. In addition to standing up for conservative values and cracking down on illegal immigration, the senator just filed a very important piece of legislation. If it passes the 83rd Legislature of the State of Texas will designate pecan pie as the official State Pie of Texas.

Why pecan pie? I'm glad you asked!

You're more than welcome to sift through the legal jargon if you like, but I've stripped the legislation down to its primary arguments.

Because of all the Lone Star State's unique culinary dishes, perhaps none say "Texas" more sweetly than pecan pie

Because the pecan tree, which was officially designated as the State Tree in 1919, is indigenous to North America and native to 152 counties in Texas.

Because though there are many ways to enjoy pecans, it is practically a given among Texans that they belong first and foremost in a pie.

Because Texans generally agree on two things: Texas pecan pies are, hands down, the best, especially when made with Texas pecans by a Texan, and secondly, whether served hot or cold, with a scoop of ice cream or without, pecan pie is indeed the perfect ending to any meal.

So there you have it. Texans are about to get their very own State Pie -- unless the dreaded peach lobby mucks things up in some shady backroom maneuver.

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