The Lemmon Bar on Henderson is Now Closed; Mico Rodriguez Takes Over

Some spaces are just more temperamental than others. We've debated many of the qualms attached to certain parcels of real estate here and there, especially the fickle area known as Knox-Henderson. While some restaurants come and go quickly, others live long and prosper.

After Alma closed in late 2011, it sat empty for quite some time before The Lemon Bar relocated from the West Village late last year. Earlier this week, The Lemmon Bar announced via Facebook the bar is now closed, which is a bit crazy considering they just had a grand opening in February, as in last month. Which was probably more of a marketing Hail Mary play since they actually opened in November.

If there's someone who knows a thing or two about the Dallas dining scene, it's restaurateur Mico Rodriguez, whose resume includes Mi Cocina, Taco Diner, the Mercury and, most recently, Mr. Mesero. He's already swooped up the spot.

I spoke to Rodriguez today about the real estate at 2822 N. Henderson. He's still working out the details. "It really just landed in my lap, so it's still just a concept. We've run out of space over here [at Mr. Mesero], so we're expanding across the highway."

Rodriguez said it will be a new and unique concept and mentioned some possibilities like a Mexican steakhouse with fish, but it will have a wider selection than the modern Mexican taco and enchilada plates served at Mr. Mesero.

They hope the spot will be ready this summer.

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