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The Team Behind Bbbop Is Opening a Korean Fried Chicken Joint in Richardson

Courtesy of Chicken Moto
When Bbbop first added fried chicken to their menu, it quickly became clear that they were onto something.

"Our fried chicken was added to the Bbbop menu and quickly became our number-one seller," says chef/co-owner Sandy Bussey. "At that point, we agreed to make Not Your Mama’s Fried Chicken the focal point of our next concept."

That new concept is called Chicken Moto, a "full-service Korean-inspired fried chicken restaurant" opening Wednesday, Feb. 22, at 2069 N. Central Expressway in Richardson, according to a press release.

The menu is straightforward and uncomplicated with Korean fried chicken offered as the full bird, half bird or quarter (dark or light meat) with the choice of two glaze options being Soy Ginger or Sweet and Spicy Chili along with a choice of sides. Guests can also order it “naked” (no glaze). Starters range from creative items like Kimchi Queso, Chicken Cracklin' and Elotes (on the cob with Korean spicy mayo) to more familiar options that include Taro Chips, Edamame and Pickled Veggies. Additional menu items include the Kale Salad, Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich with cole slaw and a Panko-Crusted Chicken Breast plate served with curry fries and Korean dipping sauces.

The Bbbop team — which includes husband-and-wife chef duo Sandy and Greg Bussey, Steve Shin and Sam Osee — are opening the restaurant in a building that was previously an auto repair shop.

"I love motorcycles, beers and fried chicken," Osee says. "These are perhaps the pure joys of my life outside of faith and family. Why not have great fried chicken and drink some cold beer in a place that feels comfortable and inviting?"

Considering the popularity of Bbbop's fried chicken — they even built a take-out window in Oak Cliff just for fried chicken orders — this concept could do well, but there's certainly a lot of Korean fried chicken competition in Richardson. Take a look at the full menu below:

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