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Vandals Tipped, Busted and Stole from Pecan Lodge's Iconic Cow Last Night

Terrible news in Deep Ellum, at the newly minted Pecan Lodge. Last night, a few youngsters thought they'd take up some bovine gymnastics before their antics quickly turned into a game of urban cow tipping. What may have initially been a harmless stunt became an act of vandalism, and now Huevos the bull needs to be put down.

Owner Justin Fourton says one of his morning employees was first to discover the damage. Fourton then examined the security tape and reconstructed the crime. Apparently the youngsters were walking along the fence that frames the patio, and one sneaked under the fence and mounted the bull. It was over in a matter of seconds.

Instead of riding the animal astride as most bull wranglers do, the vandal jumped to his feet and stood on the animal's back. When that wasn't enough, he proceeded to tiptoe toward the beast's head, as if he was riding a long board off the shores of Costa Rica. That's when poor Huevos came crashing down. The damage was permanent.

Huevos lost a horn, which was apparently stolen. He also lost a leg, and Fourton says he won't survive. Deep Ellum has been trying to shake its reputation as a rough part of town while Elm Street undertakes a massive renovation. This act of vandalism has dealt the neighborhood a blow, and Pecan Lodge will never be quite the same again.

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