After Shweddy Balls Ice Cream, 10 Other SNL Sketches That Need to Be Food

Ben & Jerry's announced its production of "Schweddy Balls" flavored ice cream today,  "vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum" and flecked with big ol' fudge balls. Sounds pretty tasty, actually.

More importantly, it got us thinking, which we try to do sparingly: What other Saturday Night Live sketches are ripe for food production? Eat your heart out, Ben. You, too, Jerry.

Colonel Angus Country-Style Yeast Bread
Nothing's more enjoyable after a long day of work then relaxing and spreading out with a wonderful meal of buttery Colonel Angus' bread.

Irwin Mainway "Bag O' Glass" Toffee Shards
Perfect for kids ages 0-3. 

Sarah Palin's "Baked Alaska"
Never had Baked Alaska? It's like an "omelette surprise," only the surprise in this dish is that Sarah Palin ever was, and still is, a viable candidate for high (or even medium-high) office.

Lonely Island's "Lazy Sundae"
It comes with vanilla ice cream, Mr. Pibb, Red Vines and Chocolate Sauce. Best enjoyed during a screening of Chronicles of Narnia.

Hans and Franz "BeerWurst"
Make sure you get the pork without steroids, or else you'll develop a lil' smokie.

Bass-0-Matic Sushi Liquifier
It makes liquid sushi! (Or liquid anything, really). For when you're on the go but really want some raw fish, which we're sure is, like, all the time.

Mr. Peepers Apple Peeler
Made with 100% bones of human-ape.

Celebrity Jeopardy "SucK it Trebek" Soup Line
Try Sean Connery's "Famous Whore Semen Bisque" and John Travolta's "Miso Horny Soup."

Land Shark Food Delivery
Plus: Fast delivery times. Minus: You're the food.

Linda Richman's Line of Butta'
While you're at Coffee Talk, spread some of Linda's line of unsalted butter on your English muffin...we can't talk anymore...we're verklempt.

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