Bisous Bisous Patisserie Is Beta-Testing a Pizza Cruffin Filled with Luscher's Italian Sausage

Bisous Bisous long ago found an enterprising way to use up excess pastry dough: the cruffin, a muffin made by stuffing leftover croissant dough into a muffin tin. With this buttery little pastry, chef Andrea Meyer cut down on waste and tapped into America's ever-growing love for zany hybrid desserts — not that we ever want to fall down another cronut rabbit hole. (The waffant is a different story). 

For Meyer, the cruffin has always been about having a little fun. 

"This is really the vehicle for us to try all kinds of new ideas," she says. It's already available "in an array of options including raspberry cream cheese, ham and smoked Gouda and cinnamon roll," Meyer says. Her latest cruffin innovation: a pizza cruffin made with Luscher's Red Hots' house-made Italian sausage. That's right: a hybrid croissant-muffin-pizza. That's a lot of doughy crossover. 

The forthcoming cruffin is filled with house-made pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella, provolone and pepperoni, along with Luscher's sausage. Once baked, they're topped with quattro formaggi for an added dose of screw-your-diet.

"Being huge fans of Luscher's Red Hots for years now, our staff really wanted our next savory cruffin to include his sausage — and a pizza cruffin was the natural choice," Meyer says. "We're working on some fun new meat-based products for June and Father's Day, including maple bourbon bacon macarons, and we expect this one to be the most popular."

Bisous is beta-testing the pizza cruffins this week and plans to start selling them in late May. 

"They'll likely be a short time run, but if they're as popular as I expect, we might just keep them around as a permanent item," Meyer says. 

Bisous Bisous Patisserie, 3700 McKinney Ave.
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