Keyla Cooks, owner of the new Crazii Potatoez in DeSoto.EXPAND
Keyla Cooks, owner of the new Crazii Potatoez in DeSoto.
Dalila Thomas

Some Seriously Crazy Potatoes Just Popped Up In DeSoto

On a cold and rainy afternoon, workers put the finishing touches on countertops and painted walls ahead of the grand opening of the Grow Deoto Market Place, taking place Saturday Oct, 20. Aside from the vegan hot spot Peace, Love & Eatz, another eatery is bringing in appetites near and far. And they specialize in one thing: potatoes. And at Crazii Potatoez, we’re not talking about a little extra bacon and chives.

“I’ve always loved potatoes,” owner Keyla Cooks says. “But every time I would go to a restaurant or barbecue place, they would just cut open the potatoes and put everything on top. I whip mine with butter and seasoning before I add my toppings.”

Say hello to the Trash Can Potato.EXPAND
Say hello to the Trash Can Potato.
Dalila Thomas

At a restaurant specializing in over-the-top potatoes, which one’s the craziest of them all? It honestly depends on what you want. Cooks is willing to top your spud with whatever your stomach desires. But if you go strictly off the menu, the Trash Can Potato has the most going on.

First choose four meats from a list of chicken, shrimp, turkey, chopped ham, chopped steak or ground beef. Then load it with cheese, sour cream or ranch, bacon bits, chives, onions, peppers and the Crazii Sauce, a creamy Sriracha mix. Sounds and looks like a lot, but the ingredients and seasonings work together beautifully.

Yeah, there's a potato under all that seafood.EXPAND
Yeah, there's a potato under all that seafood.
Dalila Thomas

The Crazii seafood potato is the next best thing. Get it with all the fixins, which includes marinated shrimp, salmon and crab meat. If you want to be modest, just stick to shrimp. It’s really up to you. Want to take a lighter approach? Crazii Potatoez is offering salads, too. Just make sure you wash whatever you get down with a homemade Crazii lemonade.

“We’re building our menu,” Cooks says. “We’re gonna start doing pastas, some soups, and burrito bowls to cater to people who don’t eat meat.”

Crazii Potatoez, 324 E. Belt Line Road, DeSoto

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