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Spitz Mediterranean Street Food in Frisco Channels Unicorn Magic

Doner wraps and doquitos at Spitz
Doner wraps and doquitos at Spitz Anisha Holla
“We believe in unicorns” is perhaps Spitz’s most interesting motto, written in bold yellow lettering across the front page of its website. We’re not sure what that has to do with the food here. Maybe it’s a homage to how supernaturally good the doner wraps are, or perhaps to the transcendental sauces that are slathered onto the fries. Whatever the case, Spitz’s food is pretty magical — maybe even enough for you to start believing in unicorns yourself.
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Spitz is a Mediterranean street food chain now open in Frisco.
Anisha Holla
This new spot in Frisco is part of a chain, with other stores in nine states, including two in Texas (the other is in Midland). 

Here the theme is vibrant, flavorful Mediterranean street food like gyros, doner wraps and Berliner fries. Bowls loaded with gyro meat, wraps filled to the brim with falafel and fries piled high with feta cheese are just some of the things that caught our eye walking to our table. It would probably take a couple of visits (and a pretty big appetite) to get through the entire menu here. But as we like to say, that’s even more reason to come back again.

We started our dinner here with an order of the “doquitos” ($6.50), which is advertised — quite fittingly — as the Mediterranean rendition of a taquito. The shareable appetizer comes with a deep-fried roll of lavash bread smothered in a “zesty feta” sauce made in-house. Topped with onion, garlic aioli and other vegetables, the “doquito” was a perfect balance of tangy, savory, soft and crunchy. Kind of like nachos, but better.
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The Berliner wrap.
Anisha Holla
Entrée options here include everything from the Berliner packed with vegetables, Berlin slaw and a red Berliner sauce, to the medi, a tangy blend of olives, tahini and dill. Order your entrée tossed in a salad bowl ($13.75) or packed into a warm doner wrap ($12.50). A fair warning: the wraps here are big. If you choose to order one, get ready for some jaw-straining munching.
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You can get these beauties topped with chocolate sauce.
Anisha Holla
It’s a disgrace to come to a unicorn-believing restaurant and skip out on the “unicorn roll” ($3.50), a rolled filo dough pastry filled with a honey-roasted nut blend and drizzled in chocolate sauce. Another sweet option is the cinnamon sugar pita ($6.50), crispy deep-fried strips of pita bread coated in a sugar-cinnamon powder.

Spitz also has craft beer, a full cocktail menu and sangrias, which are also available to go. Spitz is open until midnight Thursday through Saturday nights. That could be dangerous.

A meal here consists of more than just food, though. If you care to stick around for a while, Spitz has a cart of board games by the door that you can enjoy with friends or family while (or after) eating. Choose from classics like Jenga, Connect Four or Battleship and turn it into a night out for the group. We can’t say we believe in unicorns, but we do believe in good food and vibes. Spitz doesn’t disappoint.

Spitz, 6851 Warren Parkway, No. 201, Frisco. Sunday – Wednesday,11 a.m. – 10 p.m.; Thursday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – midnight.
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