The Loon's New Location Coming Soon. So Is a Big Party.

In 2003, I wrote in these pages about a room at 3531 McKinney Ave. that had, over the course of six decades, stood witness to the people -- many of them drunk -- who represented the changing societal, political and demographic realities of our city.

"And pretty much everyone had a good time," according to the late Louie Canelakes, who was second in command at Joe Miller's, the second of three well-loved bars that inhabited the premises. The first was The Villager Club, a jazz bar considered one of the hippest places in town back in the 1960s.

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At the end of May, the era will end when The Loon, its current incarnation, moves to an as-yet undecided location and the room will be torn down to make way for a CVS Pharmacy.

While Dallas will lose a storied watering hole, the change was not entirely unexpected. "We've been on a short-term lease since '92," according to Loon owner Cliff Gonzalez. Gonzalez says that he hopes to announce a new location "in the next week or two. We're hoping to be within a few blocks of here in a place that offers a patio." The current Loon staff, many of whom have worked there for more than a decade, will all be making the move, along with the bottles and double old fashioned glasses that have proven the downfall of so many.

According to Gonzalez, in late May there will be a number of unofficial private and invitation only Loon-sponsored gatherings to mark the end of this storied saloon, "with a big one on May 23 or 24 for everyone."

"We're leasing to CVS, not selling," according to Geena Kewith, CFO of RP Texas Management, which will continue to own the north half of the block bound by Cole and McKinney avenues and sandwiched between Lemmon Avenue West and Lemmon Avenue East.

Who knows, maybe in 50 years or so, someone will open a jazz bar at the location and the cycle can begin anew.

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Spencer Michlin