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Best Of Dallas® 2015

Whatever happened to Alicia Silverstone?

We Googled. She became a mother, ate some of her own placenta, named her son Bear Blu, wrote a new-agey book about motherhood that … well … don’t ask. Just remember her as Cher, star of the classic film Clueless, which turned 20 this year. It’s an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma and required viewing for generations of teens, but with much more shopping, fashion, youth and fun than the novel.

That makes it the perfect theme for our Best of Dallas© 2015 issue. We included lots of food, too, though Cher wasn’t a big eater. There’s no placenta on the menu (as if), but you’ll find plenty of great dining and drinks here. Plus sports. (Watch out for balls flying toward your face.) It’s, like, all here. So let us, and our readers who voted, clue you in on the best things in Dallas.

Best Of Dallas®

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