Former Space for Herrera's Will Take On Barbecue

Fans of Kansas City barbecue will be happy to hear a new option is headed to Maple Avenue in the coming months. Paris of the Plains may not be able to close out a World Series, but it's known for smoking both pig and cow and a thick, sweet, tomato-based sauce. Kansas City also tackles brisket and is known for burnt ends, which will certainly be a welcomed food-thing among local barbecue enthusiasts.

18th & Vine BBQ is owned by partners Matt and Kimi Dallman and Scott Gottlich, who recently closed French restaurant Bijoux and still owns and operates Second Floor. The Dallmans are new to the restaurant business but their love of smoked meats all but assures they'll fit right in here in Dallas.

The restaurant will take over the massive space originally intended for Herrera's. The long-time Maple Avenue Tex-Mex great pulled out of the lease when parking and financial terms could not be reached. The building is styled a bit like a house, complete with a front porch, and soon will spew meat-tinged smoke out into the Oak Lawn neighborhood.

Gottlich's roots in French cuisine seem like an odd pairing for smoked meats, but that may be the most intriguing facet of the coming restaurant: There's no telling what could come out of the kitchen at 18th & Vine BBQ. Look for smoke signals to emerge in the coming months.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.