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Lone Star Attitude, a Texas-Loving Burger and Music Joint, Is Now Open in Denton

Texas pride is a funny thing. There are natives and newcomers to every state who have pride in their chunk of the States. For a lot of people Texas, unofficially the Don't Mess With State, couples that with haughtiness. But the guys behind Lone Star Attitude want to undo that.

Jon Christopher Davis and John "Sparky" Pearson are the founders of Lone Star Attitude, a company with a smattering of retail outlets and now Lone Star Attitude Co. Burger in Denton, across from the County Courthouse Museum. The duo claim their burger joint will be the Little D's first rooftop bar and restaurant, and their goal is to use it to spread the good word about Texas music.

LSA Burger will be set up like a mini-museum showcasing just how big of an impact Texas has had on American music. "Texas has some of the biggest stars in the history of recorded music," says Davis. "We've gathered the bulk of it so when you're going through you say 'I didn't know Meatloaf came out of Dallas.'"


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Think of it like a Texas-themed Hard Rock Cafe, with executive Jason Hoffman, formerly of Houston's and Hibiscus.

The chuck will be ground and delivered daily from Hamm's Custom Meats, for burgers like the Chili Willie, with chili, cheddar and onions, or the Los Lonley, with roasted green chiles and pepper jack. Non-burger sandwiches include the Janis, with crab cake and arugula, and the Norah with lamb feta and spinach. Desserts include pecan pie with honey bourbon ice cream.

"It ain't Burger King," says Pearson.

The two believe that Denton is the perfect place to set up shop because of its reputation as a music haven. "It's fun to watch the youth here because they love all genres of music in Denton," says Pearson. "They'll listen to a polka band then go listen to a bluegrass trio. It's fun because it has an urban feel to it even though it's a small North Texas town."

They stress that the Texophilia isn't about ragging on the rest of the country, but showing off what Texas has produced. To that end the roof-top will double as a performance space for local bands, to compliment the all-Texas music soundtrack downstairs. If they're lucky the patrons will be as excited about the restaurant as Davis and Pearson are. The two are downright boisterous when talking about music, food or Texas.

LSA Burger opens today.

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