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Pera Kebab Is Now Open, and Worth Your Attention

It seems just a while ago, we were all sitting around and moping about the loss of Sharaku. In truth it was just last fall we heard that the Izakaya was closing: no more grilled pork skewers, no more chicken hearts, no more sake by the gallon. The horror.

But Sharaku's passing made way for a third restaurant by the Pera folks, which is a decent trade for Dallasites. Before, if you wanted to try their Turkish cooking, a drive up the toll road was required. Now, if you happen to be downtown, much of their great food is accessible by trolley.

Sharaku's boxy, narrow frame remains, but the kitchen has been pushed closer to the left-side wall when you walk through the door. Two spits turn chicken and lamb near the glass to tempt those walking by, and a bar runs along half the dining room, with tables lining up the other side.

You could look at the chalkboard menu over the kitchen, but the whirling kebabs beneath that menu are far better advertising. The ceramic stone burners glow orange while the meat slowly revolves emitting the occasional hiss and fiery spit. Look closely and you can see individual slices of chicken or lamb, stacked on top of each other to form the cone.

Order your kebab as a sandwich or a platter, and cruise your way through classic sides like tabouleh, hummus and other dips and salads. Either way, if you're craving something that mirrors Mediterranean flavors, the latest Pera looks like it could be a very good option.

Pera Kebab, 2633 McKinney Ave. #170

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