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Lauren Drewes Daniels

These giant stand-alone ice machines dispense large bags of ice lickety-split. You can use plastic if you don't have cash on you. And if you have only a $20 bill and you really need a bag of ice (and the card reader is down, which is apt to happen with outdoor machines), it gives change in dollar coins. We got a 1979 Susan B. Anthony along with 17 other coin dollars the other day. Who knew ice change could trigger a coin collecting hobby? Also, the machine plays Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby'' as it bags and dispenses your ice. Who knew getting ice could make you dance? Lastly — yeah, there's more — it's really good ice. The machines use carbon filtration and reverse osmosis, which is getting way over our heads, but, regardless, all the filtering renders a crunchier crunch and no weird flavor to mess up our margaritas.

Kathy Tran

You're driving along recapping the day in your head. You remember that you stuck to your high-fiber cereal and banana for breakfast, ate a sensible salad for lunch and plan on eating a nice grilled piece of salmon for dinner. You've earned a treat and not just any treat. You've earned the Sangraal of treats: a big hunk of delicious ice cream. If you're gonna treat yourself, don't cheapen it with some tawdry pile of tapioca and folic acid. Get some real ice cream at ice cream institution Tongue in Cheek. This beloved dessert vendor serves up generous scoops of dairy treats. Plain flavors such as vanilla and chocolate are delicately balanced and firm without being frozen solid as a brick. Unusual and daring flavors change regularly, like Hatch pepper butter pecan, Key lime pie and watermelon. The best part is you can get one without having to leave your car, and they never forget to give you enough napkins for the ride home.

Patrick Strickland

Opened in December 2021, Jasmine Market and Café is the latest iteration of what used to be known as Jasmine Café. For nearly two decades, owner Nameer Salman focused on offering Mediterranean cuisine and hookah in Richardson. When Salman moved locations down the street in Richardson late last year, he decided to also open a supermarket that caters to the area's Arab and South Asian community. It sells Palestinian and Jordanian olive oil, halal meats, Middle Eastern spices and the whole gamut of Mediterranean foods. Plus, if you pop in around lunchtime, you can enjoy the buffet and a hot cup of strong Arabic coffee.

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