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As clippers chomp down and your locks float down to the tile floor at Floyd's Barbershop, you might think for a second that you're in heaven. When you come to and inevitably say to yourself "Oh yeah, I'm just at a barbershop," even that won't be an accurate description of where you are. This is because Floyd's is more than a barber shop. It's one of the chillest places to hang out where you also just happen to be able to get your hair tuned up.

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Nowadays, customers want the Netflix approach to just about everything, but personalization is never too much for Holly Dear and her Uptown salon Dear Clark. They pride themselves on pampering, so getting a shampoo, cut or color is all about the customer, and with every second of service, it shows. Pop some bubbly, sit back and soak up the scenery of local artists showcased on the walls, or marvel at the vast selection of privately labeled Dear Clark products. Whatever your needs may be, they get you in and get you out, spoil you and pamper you. With a made-for-you approach to business, a day at Dear Clark will always feel like home.

All hair is not created equal, and for the textured and curly-haired girls, a good blowout is hard to find. Enter Pressed Roots, the first-to-market blowout bar catering distinctly to women with textured hair. Heating up tresses one sleek style at a time, the bustling biz is now settled at its new Trinity Groves location with plans to open more. Founder Piersten Gaines made it her mission to open a salon specifically dedicated to textured hair and with the skills and products to do the job. Boasting in-and-out service, impeccable sophistication and contemporary glam, Pressed Roots is the one-stop shop for the latest in Dallas blowout bar locations.

This year has given us more open-ended questions than an episode of Lost, so we might as well look for answers in the metaphysical. Soultopia is a new age holistic boutique that sells crystals, sage, incense, candles and all the workings to assist you on your quest for healing. We love a good voodoo doll, but you won't find those here. It's all productive white magic. Soultopia also offers tarot readings and classes, so take a stab at getting early election results. Just the layout of product alone will make a convert out the sternest of skeptics.

The Point Skate Shop in Deep Ellum is a favored spot among the DFW skating community where you can purchase all the necessary equipment, accessories and attire needed for a good skate. They also offer lessons and open sessions where skaters, amateur and veteran alike, can come in to make the rounds on their indoor bowl. They have another indoor bowl at their second location in Fairview. What sets The Point aside from other skate shops is their philanthropic involvement. After enduring damage from looting during the first wave of Black Lives Matter protests this summer, they retained their longtime support for 4DWN's "Peaceful Plush" BLM march.

Those who want to get their aggression out, but in a fun way, need to check out the Dallas location of Bad Axe Throwing. In addition to some walk-ins, these cats cater to private events for up to 12 people, such as birthday and bachelorette parties or corporate shindigs. Plus, it's super easy to book a timeslot online. Never thrown an axe before? No problem. Just do some quick studying on the Bad Axe website, where you can read how-tos and watch vids of the masters in action. You can also get some pro tips from staff on-site.

After Gov. Greg Abbott shut down the state's bars in March, a group of Denton bar owners and staff decided to get creative. No longer able to work in the service industry, these folks moved to the lawn service industry. Still, the group's slogan can apply to both yards and bars: "You've been cut off." Staff from Oak St. Drafthouse, East Side Denton, Miss Angeline's and Mulberry Street Cantina are now available to take care of customers' lawn care needs. That includes mowing, mulching, tree trimming, power washing, landscaping, painting, fence work and more. Don't forget to tip your yard-tender.

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Whether you like it or not, you are probably a homeschooler now. Time to get some teaching incentive tricks like reward stickers to motivate your depressed Zoom zombies. Lakeshore Learning to the rescue! The store caters to any caregiver interested in providing children with learning experiences. These toys aren't superhero focused or purple and pink. They are fun exploratory toys — like kinetic sand and water beads, water tables with magnetic fishing poles and toy fish, parachutes and balance boards, light tables and Magnatiles. Although at times pricey, Lakeshore Learning is one of few toy stores in the Dallas area that carry educational supplies and toys. You can also find furniture, teaching resources and books, organizational tools, charts and fun learning incentives to help you sail through pandemic remote learning with joy.

Looking forward to another weekend of camping? Of course you are, there is nothing else to do! Dallas-based Whole Earth Provision Co. has your back with a variety of curated gardening, picnicking, camping and kid supplies. Founded in 1970 by a couple of UT-Austin grads, Whole Earth Provision Co. was based on the ethos of the similarly named hippiey periodical, the Whole Earth Catalog. Shoppers can find high quality tools, interesting books, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, clothing and other gear for facing the elements and coexisting with nature. The store carries brands such as Fjäll Räven, Birkenstock, Prana, Jellycat, Chaco, Merrell, Pendelton, Marmot, Sorel, Keen, Yeti, Patagonia. Besides clothing and gear, Whole Earth Provision Co. has you covered with clever gifts and well-designed toys. It is a full catalog of a store.

These days, we own more wigs than clothes, and in the grand scheme of things, that's OK. For the casually comfy to the playfully daring, this gem is a cult favorite serving look after look in vibrant shapes, colors, styles and cuts. Whether vying for a Diana Ross, Dolly Parton or Beyoncé do, there's something for everyone here, and the selection does not disappoint. Lovingly stamped by influencers, drag queens, entertainers and more, this mecca for wigs can be a bit much for a newbie. Drink your Red Bull and get energized as wigs stack high from top to bottom, and corner-to-corner, for your spirited pleasure. Choose from synthetic, human or natural hair, whatever it is you fancy. Just know if this is your first trip to this haven, you'll go a little overboard from excitement, but one thing's for sure — this visit won't be your last.

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