Holiday Highlights

For the person who thinks healthy food is for holiday mice:
Admit it: Everyone craves rich, salty goodies during the holidays. Why else were New Year's resolutions invented? Satiate your gift list with Goodies from Goodman gift tins and buckets including peanut-butter fudge, nuts, bing cherries and chocolate almonds, caramel corn, and cookies. Plus, they have 10-pound smoked turkeys and smoked hams. Corporate logo gift orders available. Goodies from Goodman--too beautiful to eat...almost. (972) 484-3236 or (800) 535-3136.

For the person who needs party trays to survive a year of entertaining:
Ever think of giving anyone a gift certificate to a grocery store? Of course not. Grocery stores smell like old ham, and they're only fun on free-sample day. Unless it's a grocery store with fresh, unique foods. Fiesta has perfect gift ideas like bread baskets made of bread and filled with pastries, exotic or traditional produce fruit baskets, shrimp party trays, and panetome (Italian cake), as well as fresh flowers, a deli, and more. Gift certificates are available from $5 to $100. Fiesta, 5334 Ross at Henderson; 9727 Webb Chapel (new location!); 611 West Jefferson; and 303 Lancaster at Kiest.

For the person who thinks bagel fetishism doesn't get its just deserts during the holidays:

Don't forget those on your list with a lust for donut-shaped yeast rolls with that classic dense, chewy texture. Hit them with an unexpected gift combo this holiday season. The nosh box ($29.99) comes with a dozen bagels, pound cake, chocolate-covered bagel chips, chocolate chip cookies, one pound of coffee, and a mug. Or get a bag of doggie bagels (95 cents each) for the bagel enthusiast who also has a fetch fetish. Einstein Bros., (214) 221-0787.

For the person who thinks a condom fashion show would be a swell idea:
The NFL has yet to license a series of condoms, but that doesn't mean you can't get X-mas condoms or select from an additional 150 prophylactic styles. Pair your condom with other great gifts, including fantasy kits (we swear this stuff is legal), oils and mood enhancers, and lingerie. Plus, check out the assortment of leather restraints, paddles, floggers, masks, and chastity belts. While Santa may know who's been bad or good, it's hard for the rest of us to know, so it's better to be on the safe side. Priscilla's, Where Fun and Fantasy Meet. Three locations: Lake Worth, (817) 237-5770; Fort Worth, (817) 244-8008; and Dallas, (214) 828-2727.

For the person who likes to light up his or her Freudian symbolism:
Store 'em, pack 'em, enjoy 'em with a beverage. It's easy at Nicole's, where you'll find a huge selection of cigars, a 50-cigar capacity humidor with a hardwood exterior and a cedar lining ($99.95), cigar gift packs ($25-$75), and a great selection of old and new barware. Plus, to battle stogie stench, choose from among the best, longest-burning candles made anywhere in more than 20 fragrances. Nicole's, 3611 Greenville, (214) 821-3740.

For the person who likes to roll around in the mud and then get scrubbed and waxed...all without four-wheel drive:

If mud can be exotic and luxurious, then this is the place to get it. Give that special person on your list a Rain Forest Mud treatment, a rare gourmet earth immersion that works wonders on the skin. Follow that with a deep-pore facial cleansing and corrective, and a waxing that renders smooth, shimmering skin while it retards hair growth over long periods of time. Holiday mud treatment special, $100; facials, $65-$85; half-day and full-day packages available. DayBreak Salon/Spa, Preston and Forest, (972) 387-4247.

For the person who likes to spin through the holidays:
Choose from a selection of beautiful, decorative dreidels ($4-$100); brass, silver-plated, ceramic, or glass menorahs ($12-$300); Hanukkah music and videos; and holiday books, toys, and games. Find it all at The Source gift shop, 7900 Northaven Road, (214) 739-2737.

For the person who likes the relaxing sound of a steady tinkle:
Nothing is more restful or inspiring than the sound of trickling water--when it isn't pouring from a hole in your roof onto the top of your $7,500 home-entertainment center. So why tempt the fates? Outfit someone on your list with an elegant or whimsical fountain to soothe and amuse them at home or the office. The office? From $160-$1,5000 at Bear Creek Gallery, 6932 Snider Plaza, (214) 750-9880.

For the person who would have finished first in his class at Top Gun school, except he's afraid of flying:

You don't need a 90 degree trajectory up to 60,000 feet to be a flyboy who gets oohs and aahs for his stellar aviation skills. You just need a gift certificate to Air Combat School, a fighter-pilot training program that incorporates full-scale, hydraulic-motion, single-seat flight simulators. Air sickness bags not included. Air Combat, 921 Six Flags Drive, Arlington, (817) 640-1886.

For the lounge lizard with more CDs than you can shake a forked tongue at:
In the midst of sweltering Texas summers, you'll often find lots of little lizards crawling up your walls. Why not put one of 'em to work holding your White Zombie retrospective? Get your grunge, metal, or Donny Osmond fan a wall-mounted flat black steel lizard CD rack ($34.99) with slots for 40 single CDs and three doubles. Is there any better way to say, "I'll hold your gifts of music for you if you keep feeding me flies"? Get it at Eurway, 4720 Alpha Road, (972) 445-5208.

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