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Best Bar for Loners Who Want to Drink in Peace

The People's Last Stand

The People's Last Stand

Some nights you want to go out and have a beer, but you don't want to socialize. And you're not looking to meet someone new and jump their bones, either. Head for The People's Last Stand, which has ample room to spread out, corner couches and armchairs, expertly made cocktails and a choice craft beer selection. Plus, People's is not a sketchy dive bar, and it welcomes all comers. Bring a book and drink a cocktail, or enjoy the first-rate Mockingbird Station people-watching. In case you need further enticement, there's macaroni and cheese.

Some fine-dining restaurants go for broke with enormous wine lists, dozens of pages long. Others stay hyper-focused on one region or a small selection of favorites. Gemma maintains a happy balance between the two extremes. Indeed, balance is the hallmark here: Gemma stocks both familiar and obscure varietals, both classic French regions and more adventurous locales, both $40 bargain bottles and splurgetastic special-occasion wines. Everything pairs harmoniously with the kitchen's cuisine. The bargain wines are often remarkable discoveries, and it doesn't hurt that the ownership cares as passionately about wine as they do about food.

Lauren Drewes Daniels

This cozy, fireplace-bedecked wine bar invites patrons to settle in and unwind over a glass or few of wine. The thoughtfully curated by-the-glass list offers something for everyone, the wine flights are a great way to experience a particular varietal or region, and bottles are fairly priced. If you find something you like, take $10 off the list price and take it home with you, or come to the wine fair on the last Saturday of the month for an even bigger discount. Owners Amier and Kelsey Taherzadeh bring passion to their business, and you can always trust their recommendations.

Chris Wolfgang

Since their opening in 2013, Community Beer Co. has managed to stand out in a city where breweries seem to open each month. Community's success comes not just from a lineup of beers which has something for everyone, from a golden lager and raspberry witbier to their coffee porters and crowd-favorite Mosaic IPA. Even Community's 2-year-old funnel cake ale has become a state fair staple, inspiring other breweries to make state fair exclusives. Beyond the beer, Community also offers one of the best places in Dallas to do some weekend day drinking at their brewery in the Design District.

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