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Taking kids out to dinner can be a challenge, so you'll need every advantage you can get if you have any chance at having a relaxing evening. Chips and salsa land on the table just seconds after your butts hit the seats, keeping crumb snatchers occupied while you peruse the menu, and margaritas keep your anxiety at bay as more kids stream in through the door. It doesn't hurt that Pepe's is easy on the wallet considering the trend in tuition costs these days, and when you finally hit your limit for shrieks and over-turned salsa bowls, your check arrives just as quickly.

Lots of sandwich shops have character, but Uncle Uber's is a real personality. Stop by for lunch and you'll have to wait in a line filled with hungry workers from nearby offices, who come for creative takes on classic sandwiches they grew up on. There's a solid cheesesteak made from shaved rib-eye and a roast beef served with salty jus. Don't miss the Cuban that binds pork and ham with plenty of melted Swiss cheese. If you order the chicken sandwich crispy, you'll be ruined for Chick-fil-A, and there's an impossibly juicy burger to get lost in as well. Don't pass up an order of fries that are cooked to a deep golden brown, and relish that your late evening snacking needs are met here too. They're open until midnight on the weekends.

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The Tate Farms grass-fed burger excels in just about every category available for burger assessment. The bun is a soft round of pain au lait, the bacon is cured in-house and the pickles are made right there, too. The Gruyere is nutty and melted in a thick slice and while most burgers sport raw onions, here they're caramelized and sweet. That's before you even get to the patty, which is gently formed, cooked over a wood-burning grill and served alongside a tangle of hand-cut french fries. There are only so many things you can do with a burger, and Boulevardier checks off all of them.

The market's tagline sums it up really well: "Only Growers. Only Makers. Only Local." When you shop at White Rock Local Market you know exactly what you're going to get, while other markets often allow commercially supplied produce to mingle with local goods. It might not seem like a big deal but the commitment colors every interaction you'll have at the market. Whether you're buying peaches from the man who picked them the day before, or frozen pops from a local artisan selling them out of the back of a VW bus, you'll get to interact with passionate people who care and are knowledgeable about the products they're selling. The hot dog stand that peddles some of the best hot dogs in Dallas doesn't hurt things either. And yes, those links are local too.

Emporium Pies opened in the Bishop Arts District two years ago and quickly became known for the best pie baking in Dallas. The shop has only gained momentum since, and now a line snakes out the door and down the street in the evenings as diners from neighborhood restaurants defect for their evening desserts. The pies are all made from scratch with fresh ingredients, and each defies your expectations for what pie should be. The Smooth Operator is a classic here — a French silk chocolate with a pretzel crust, but newcomers seldom disappoint. Feeling sluggish? Try the Java the Hutt for crunchy toffee and a creamy espresso filling poured into a simple buttery crust.

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There aren't too many baristas in town who have to put on a shirt and tie before they start pulling espresso shots. Consider the uniform a testament to the seriousness with which every coffee drink is created at Houndstooth. Before the magic even starts, customers are given a choice of beans based on tasting notes like fruity, chocolate or even pastry. Next, the beans are ground, weighed to the 10th of a gram and carefully pulled through the shiny La Marzocco machine sitting on the counter. Ditch your laptop. There are no power outlets to be found here and coffee this good requires quiet contemplation. Grab a seat at one of the communal tables or out on the patio and sip until you find the answers to what troubles you.

Steak and eggs has reigned supreme as the high-protein breakfast dish of choice for generations, even though most restaurants deliver terrible renditions. Why would anyone want a thin and crummy New York strip when they could come to the Meddlesome Moth and enjoy an impeccably cooked hanger steak that packs big, rich beef flavor? It's the little things a restaurant does to elevate your brunch that makes getting out of bed on a Sunday morning worthwhile, and here the coffee is served from personal press pots and a bloody mary comes with your choice of beer chaser. When the weather is agreeable, grab a seat on one of Dallas' prettiest patios and get ready to drink the last day of your weekend into oblivion while eating very well.

When is a Greek restaurant not a Greek restaurant? When it's a full-blown club with a DJ filling the place with throbbing dance music. Stratos is a party as much as it is a place to eat. Come for lunch, though, and the cavernous dining room will be filled with office workers looking to fill up on the cheap. Massive plates of grilled chicken kebabs, lamb and other grilled meats land on tables beside huge Greek salads topped with tomatoes and feta. And then there's the gyro, which if you're crazy enough to order it, comes in a double meat variety. Go on and try it. You'll never make it back to work.


You can order the pad Thai if you like, but cliché noodle dishes aren't the best use of your time in this Richardson Thai restaurant. Bambu focuses on Isaan-style cooking from northeastern Thailand. Be careful. If the crying tiger beef can make a big cat weep, it can do a serious number on your own capsaicin receptors. You could order fried rice or a bowl of tom kha gai that will warm your center, but you're better off with yam pla duk fu, a honeycomb-like pile of catfish floss set atop a salad of leafy greens, slivered carrots, red onions and peanuts. Fish cakes, fried tofu, deep-fried soft-shell crab and more round out a line of authentic Thai pub grub that will keep you smiling for hours — especially if you supplement your meal with plenty of Singha.

Here's a little secret that will change your life for the better. You don't have to be a vegan to enjoy meatless cooking. In fact, if you just fold a few vegan dishes into your week on top of all of those strip steaks, hoagies and chili cheese enchiladas, you'll be doing yourself a whole world of good. Spiral Diner is one of those places where you can indulge your passive inner vegan and feel like you're not missing a thing. Try nachos with a cheese made from almonds that will absolutely fool you, or a barbecue sandwich for a massive heap of grilled seitan swimming in a sweet barbecue sauce with plenty of onions and pickles. Sure, it's no brisket sandwich, but your heart will sincerely thank you. And watch out. Eating this well can prove addictive.

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