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Because there may be roughly 1 million fashion bloggers just in Dallas, it's hard to tell one from the others. If you follow more than one on Instagram, you realize they are sharing all the same clothes from all the same department stores. Dallastyle's Taylor thankfully shows us unique fashion finds paired with shoes and accessories we thought only runway models were allowed to wear. Plus, her Instagram feed doesn't feel like one giant ad for whatever brand last offered to pay. Dallastyle has a way of inviting followers into Taylor's life through the pictures and words on her blog while inspiring fashion fans all over Dallas and the world with different outfits.

Kathy Tran

When the Little Women reality TV franchise invaded Dallas, our hopes were high. The show is like Real Housewives, but the stars all have dwarfism. The breakout star of the Dallas installment was easily Caylea Woodbury as the show tracked her trying to find her place in Dallas. Wanting to follow in her co-stars' footsteps, Woodbury began twerking in clubs for money like Bri Barlup and Emily Fernandez. Woodbury was frequently the center of attention during Season 1 whether she was getting in fights with her co-stars about their deadbeat boyfriends or having a pregnancy scare. While there were five stars of this show, it's easy to see why Woodbury is our favorite one of the group.

Paige Skinner

Few personal trainers can make you trim you down to your goal weight and also call you a friend. Luckily for a few models and nonmodels, both in Dallas and all over the world, John Benton is the personal trainer of the their dreams. When he helped one one model lose 4 inches around her waist, his services quickly became known in the modeling industry. Soon, modeling agencies and other women began recommending him, and today, his clientele is women only. The atmosphere at his studio brings customers back each time. While other gyms or workout studios might have creepy men lurking in the background, Benton's studio offers a welcoming environment so his clients aren't worried about impressing anyone but themselves. When Harper's Bazaar wrote about his services, his demand went up — in the form of more than 10,000 Instagram likes and thousands of messages from models begging to schedule training sessions with him.

Mike Brooks

If you've seen RuPaul's Drag Race, you are aware of the force of nature Alyssa Edwards. She's stunning, she's funny, she's talented and she's everything you would expect from a contender on that show. But when she's not being one of the best drag queens in the business, Edwards is Justin Johnson, owner and instructor at his Mesquite dance studio, Beyond Belief Dance. Johnson is a role model for the young dancers at his studio, who idolize him. His teaching style is one of a kind because he expects perfection from his dancers. If RuPaul pushes Alyssa Edwards to greatness on a season of Drag Race, Johnson pushes his students to an even greater level of achievement at their recitals, at competitions and when they're practicing in front of the mirror.

For those who need help believing in magic, Dragon Park is Dallas' zenith of enchantment. You may miss it if you're driving too fast along Cedar Springs Road in Oak Lawn, and you'll certainly be disappointed if you think it's any place to let the kids run wild on park equipment. Despite the name, it's not a park. This small, privately owned secret garden of gargoyle, angel and dragon statues; lush, green grass; hidden nooks and water fountains is a place for solitude in an otherwise hectic part of town. Whether you're out for a picnic, looking to read a book or wanting a romantic pitstop on your way to dinner, Dragon Park provides a little slice of Zen.

Kathy Tran

Dogs love bars. Well, not all dogs. But if your pooch can take a lot of stimulation and distraction, the Truck Yard is a surprisingly good venue. The place gets crowded, seemingly with dog lovers. The spacing of the tables enables the free flow of leashed animals while the heights are low enough for the dogs to feel engaged — and for helicopter owners to keep an eye on them. The layout encourages interaction between your dog and other tables. This makes the joint the best place to socialize with your dog, and it's a place you socialize because of it. So you can go to a dog park and get giardia, or you can go to the Truck Yard and get a beer. Take your pick.

Readers' Pick: White Rock Dog Park

He invades our homes every night at 5, 6 and 10 on KTVT-TV (CBS 11) to give us the breaking and nonbreaking news of Dallas-Fort Worth. His smile and authoritative voice help the news go down easier, but what Dunbar does off the screen makes him one of the best. Last October, he headed to Kona, Hawaii, to compete in the IronMan Triathlon World Championship to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Not only did he complete the race in 14 hours, but he also raised more than $156,000 for the fight against blood cancers. Channel 11 followed him along the way as he met fellow racers — cancer warriors, cancer survivors and one who competed without arms. Dunbar says the race was the hardest day of his life and completely humbling.

Readers' Pick: Pete Delkus, WFAA

Dallas' spring saga, the federal corruption trial of County Commissioner John Wiley Price, would've been a lot harder to understand without the yeoman's work of KRLD reporter L.P. Phillips. Day after day, Phillips showed up to the Earle Cabell Federal Building downtown, updating KRLD's listeners throughout the day about the latest goings on in Dallas' trial of the decade. Austin York, Phillips' colleague at the station, is an essential resource for anyone in Dallas who wants a live window into the city's breaking news. While the station's opinion content, led by Christian financial guru Dave Ramsey's nightly show, leaves a lot to be desired, there is nowhere better than 1080 on your AM dial for a Dallas hard news fix.

Readers' Pick: KERA 90.1

Danny Gallagher

In 2017, the rest of Texas found out what Dallas has known for a long time: Krys Boyd, host of KERA's flagship midday program, Think, conducts some of the best interviews anywhere. The first hour of Boyd's show began airing in Texas' other big markets, including Houston, Austin and San Antonio, in January. Now, her lengthy interviews with big names from across the cultural, political and entertainment worlds are available to double the previous audience. New listeners will hear a host who's engaged, prepared and capable of eliciting candid responses from the most reticent guest. It's as good as lunchtime desk radio listening gets.

Readers' Pick: The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show

Kathy Tran

After two years in exile thanks to term limits, Dallas most entertaining City Council member is back at City Hall. Dwaine Caraway cruised to election over incumbent Carolyn Arnold in May, beating the woman he'd endorsed to take over his seat in 2015. This time around, Caraway promises that he'll help get a deck park built near the Dallas Zoo and that he'll continue the economic revitalization of council District 4 that he spurred during his previous four terms. Caraway's ascension means a return of showmanship and good humor to the council horseshoe, a welcome change for anyone who's sat through even one of Arnold's lectures.

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