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Top Golf and other bars that double as driving ranges are fine. They are places to have fun. But golfers aren't looking for fun. They are looking for practice, damn it, and to become better at an unforgiving and endlessly challenging sport. That means grass tees, a good putting green and reasonable rates to burn through bucket after bucket of practice balls. The Range at Tenison has 41 practice stations and seven target greens in a tree-adorned setting. And the cafe sells beer if you're into that kind of thing.

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If you want to look chic while sweating your ass off — and we know you do — then your best option for athletic clothing is Lululemon. We all know working out is a chore, but if you feel great and presentable while doing it, you might have a little bit of extra motivation. There are yoga pants (also great for wearing while not working out), tennis skirts (also great for running errands), tailored jackets (OK, these are also great for when you're not working out) and plenty more. Now that we say all this, we realize Lululemon has great clothing for women and men, and not just for the gym. Want your ass to look tight and toned while picking up your morning coffee? Exactly.

3201 Knox St., and other locations, 214-443-0438,

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It's the OG department store to end all department stores. If you want to feel like a high-class shopper who buys makeup from gorgeous women with white hair, it's always Neiman Marcus. If you want to splurge on a nice satin tie for the man in your life, it's always Neiman Marcus. If you want to look and feel trendy with a nice off-the-shoulder Alice + Olivia top, it's always Neiman Marcus. If you want to stop mid-shopping for a nice chicken salad sandwich and a slice of carrot cake, it's always The Mermaid Bar inside Neiman Marcus. There's no better department store to shop than the 110-year-old Dallas staple. Long live Neiman Marcus.

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They say to never grocery shop while hungry, but there is no such rule about grocery shopping while tipsy. Honestly, grocery shopping while drinking is probably the only way to do it. Otherwise, you'll never be self-indulgent enough to buy that pack of Double Stuf Oreos. This is why Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park Village is the very best place to sip and shop. In fact, if a glass of rosé isn't enough, have a doughnut along with it. Or a cinnamon roll. And if you just can't wait to get home and make yourself a sandwich, go ahead and order a Reuben. You deserve it for getting out of the house and not just Postmating your groceries.


Shopping for a friend or in-law who has everything is why everyone hates the holidays. Or birthdays. Or shopping in general. But Madison 214 makes shopping for gifts easier. What do you get the mother-in-law who hates everything? Might we suggest a pink flamingo candle from Madison 214? And what do you get the bachelor whose bachelor pad couldn't get any cooler? How about an agate coaster set from Madison 214? And if you want to stand out at the next baby shower you attend, think about heading to Madison 214 for a nice, big stuffed kangaroo rocker. Never give a lame Starbucks gift card again because Madison 214 has every unique gift you could and could not think of. You'll be everyone's favorite gift giver from now on.

Readers' Pick: The Gypsy Wagon

Everything is better with a personalized touch. Koozies look so much better with monogrammed initials on them. We can't even think about a palm-leaf pillow without initials on it. And why write anything on stationery if it's not personalized to the sender? There's really no point. Swoozie's is the perfect place to buy those things — whether they are gifts for the hostess of a party you are attending, satin robes for your bridesmaids or a planner with your name written across it.

A nice scented candle can change your entire day. Whether it's next to you while you're taking a relaxing bath or sitting on the dining room table freshening up the entire home, a candle can do a lot. And easily the best place to buy a candle in Dallas is Sample House. With seven locations in DFW, including Dallas, Plano and Southlake, Sample House carries more than a dozen favorite candle brands with hundreds of scents. Want something cool and refreshing? Or maybe something that reminds you of the holidays? Or maybe you just don't want to bake anything but still want that smell. Sample House has any scented candle you could possibly imagine and probably more. Don't just pick one up at a grocery store next time you're in need of a candle; head to Sample House instead.

Affordable, cute clothing that every woman in town doesn't already own can be hard to come by. We know this because as soon as we see a woman sporting the newest addition to the TopShop section of Nordstrom's, we immediately recognize it. That's why boutiques are everything, and Dear Hannah in Snider Plaza is no exception. The styles of the clothing and jewelry range from preppy to boho to a little bit hipster. No matter what you're looking for, Dear Hannah has a skirt, top or dress perfect for any occasion.

Readers' Pick: Nordstrom

Guys, if you're going to dress up, do it like you mean it. Go old school and keep it classy. Ken's Man's Shop has been a North Dallas staple for decades, but don't take that as a warning. It's more of a testament to the enduring appeal of traditional, locally owned stores. This is not a stodgy establishment despite the feel of a traditional haberdashery, and the personal attention is welcome in this age of big-box stores and clothing shops that feel like bad Eastern European nightclubs.

Readers' Pick: Nordstrom


It might not become cold often in Texas, but when it does, we can barely handle it. Snow might not be falling from the sky, but we are still running from our heated cars to the heated indoors anytime we are forced to get outside in the winter. That's why jackets are imperative, and Saint Bernard has the best of the best outdoor wear in Dallas. Whether it's a simple North Face jacket, a thick, fur-lined coat or a Patagonia fleece pullover, Saint Bernard has everything you could dream of when it comes to outerwear.

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