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Vegetarian and vegan dining are having a serious moment in DFW. With more options than ever, even the staunchest carnivores are going meatless occasionally in the pursuit of fun, plant-based food. At V-Eats, fun is definitely on the menu. From seitan "brisket" to jack fruit chicken-fried "steak," this food is hearty enough to sate even the beefiest Texan and inventive enough to make it one of the city's most interesting restaurants.

Readers' Pick: Cosmic Café

Kathy Tran

La Me, situated at the corner where Dallas meets Richardson and Garland, is a restaurant where the neighborhood's Vietnamese community meets for all manner of superb soups and noodle dishes. That means a lot more than pho: Try mi quang, noodles made yellow with turmeric, or mi kho dac biet, a house special soup topped with a whole shrimp fried directly into a large cracker. There's a marvelous rendition of shaking beef, the national beef stir-fry, as well as the opportunity to build your own spring rolls by ordering the confusingly named Tiny Rice Stick platter. La Me is a great place for newcomers to try the diversity of Vietnamese food for the first time, but, judging from the clientele here, it's also a favorite among those who've been eating the cuisine their entire lives.

Readers' Pick: Pho is For Lovers

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This summer, The Stoneleigh became the hottest of summer hot spots when it launched its free weekend pool parties, which opened up the Uptown hotel's pool to anyone every Saturday and Sunday, no hotel room, expensive ticket or smuggled room key required. The hotel sweetened the deal with a small but above-average menu of frozen cocktails that hit the spot without giving us a sugar overload. With high-octane piña coladas and $6 rosé coolers, we sipped and swam all summer in a chic Uptown hotel pool with a DJ and all the Instagrammable pool floats a girl could hope for.

Whether you're hunting for wine, liquor or craft beer, when it comes to overall selection, Total Wine is hard to beat. Its wine experts are up to even the most specific task — one mineraly red that pairs well with Vietnamese seafood, please — and its frequent tastings sweeten the deal. It also hosts inexpensive wine classes like Obscure Varietals 101: The Best Wines You've Never Tried.

Readers' Pick: Spec's Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods

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Burgundy's Local isn't a butcher — all this meat is precut and either 100 percent fresh or frozen solid — but for those trying to source meat more responsibly, you can't beat this rancher-owned Ross Avenue shop. Everything comes from nearby ranchers, including the array of grass-fed beef products from Burgundy's North Texas ranch. Burgundy is a whole-animal operation, meaning it finds uses for the entire animal, and at this shop you'll find everything from grass-fed beef and lamb to pasture-raised chicken, responsibly raised pork, and even duck eggs and whole rabbit.

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Maggie Huff's style couldn't possibly be a better fit at FT33, which celebrates all things local and in season. Huff's hyperseasonal desserts are a shining star. Her use of savory elements like herbs, fats and in-season vegetables creates a stunning array of not-too-sweet treats that probably feature more vegetables than Dallas diners are accustomed to seeing on a dessert menu.

Best Wine/Liquor Store For the Healthy(ish)

Bar & Garden

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If you're trying to keep it clean while still supporting your rosé habit, Bar & Garden is your kinda place. This stunning Ross Avenue liquor store is a far cry from the sprawling, fluorescent-lit liquor megastores that pepper North Texas. With plants and gorgeous design elements, you'll want to stay awhile to browse this selection of natural wines and liquors that are free of artificial flavors, colors or flavorings. Sidle up to the bar when you arrive to taste whatever treats the store is sampling that day.

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This happy Far North Dallas Indian fast-food and takeout spot serves North Indian fare and chaat, inexpensive Indian snacks such as dahi bhalle, chilled lentil dumplings soaked in yogurt and topped with chutney. Try the specialty, "Desi-style" pizzas topped with everything from paneer to tandoori chicken.

Readers' Pick: Kalachandji's

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Matcha was everywhere this year, from lattes to ice cream to trendy poke restaurants with built-in matcha bars. But no matter where we tried this happy, grass-colored, powdered green tea, it couldn't hold a candle to the matcha at Local Press + Brew, the Oak Cliff coffee shop with a healthy juice bar twist. Using matcha from Dallas company Zakti, it brewed the most refreshing matcha concoctions in town. Order the iced matcha latte with almond milk on a balmy day, and your glass will be empty before you have time to say, "Whoa, this matcha is, like, really good."

Beth Rankin

This upbeat Austin import has the biggest healthy beverage menu in town, with a massive array of smoothies, cold-pressed juices and healthy shots. With free vintage arcade games and a cheerful interior, JuiceLand is just plain fun — and we love customizing the smoothies with add-ins like CBD oil, maca and even durian.

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