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Thanks to sports and rap culture, sneakers have become a luxury, in-demand product. And nobody understands the fashion commodity like Oak Cliff shop Trap Boutique, which provides high-end sneakers to a large following of loyal customers. The store only advertises through Instagram, so sneakerheads know to check it obsessively for new arrivals. The boutique carries upscale and popular sneaker brands, such as Fear of Gods, Supreme and Yeezys, as well as clothes. The resale store will also give you fair pricing for your old shoes so you can stay up to date on your look. If stylish leisurewear is the only way you feel you can treat your feet, then walk them into Trap Boutique.

Frisco is a record-store desert. Sure, you can score some vinyl at Half Price Books and Barnes & Noble, but an authentic and local record store is difficult to come by when you venture up north. ZT Records stands out as a refreshing oasis, and it's a best-kept secret of sorts. If you type it into Google Maps, you will arrive at a behemoth of an antique store, thinking that the app guided you there by mistake. It didn't -— ZT Records is located inside Frisco Mercantile, and it stands humbly among a throng of neighboring boutique shops. The enclave is small but cozy. It has an impressively varied selection of jazz, soundtrack and classic rock records, and its hip-hop selection is expanding. If you find yourself in Tree City USA and don't want to buy wax from the corporate overlords, give this place a shot.

Although Goody Goody has about a dozen stores scattered across the DFW area, the Oak Lawn location really shines. If you're looking for something a little classier than your regular Tuesday night supermarket Chardonnay, this is the place to look. There are Burgundies to impress your dinner guests, and if you're looking for something more local, they have a respectable selection of Texas wines. The wine selection is big enough that it could be daunting for anyone who isn't looking for something specific, but the friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to point you in the right direction.

Like any good fabric shop, Golden d'Or is a riot of color and texture. Walk in the front door, and you'll see a space the size of a factory floor spreading out in front of you with different types of fabric going in every direction. The store has a huge selection of fabrics for fashion, quilting and furniture, as well as specialty fabrics like tulle and vinyl. When you've found something you like, you can take it to any of several cutting tables set up in convenient spots around the store, meaning you don't need to drag everything to a single location.

Sometime soon enough, you'll probably find yourself making a pot of chili. And, sure, you can use that bottle of supermarket chili powder that's hanging out in your spice cabinet. Or, if you respect yourself and want to make a pot of chili that's as good as it can possibly be, you could go to Pendery's. Walk into either the original location in Fort Worth or their new outpost in the Design District, and you'll find more kinds of whole dried chiles and housemade chili powder blends than you knew existed. They also stock all the dried herbs and spices you'll need.

If you're looking for a way to drop even more money than usual at a Whole Foods, this one has a bar. The Whole Foods Taproom has a rotating list of 24 craft beers on tap, mostly made up of local offerings. They also have bottle beers, wine by the glass or bottle and coffee on tap. Like any respectable bar, they have a happy hour from 4 to 7 p.m. and Thursday night pint nights where they highlight a brewery from the region. They also offer growler fills of select tap beers, and if you're looking for something bigger, they can special-order kegs of craft beer for you.

The Deep Ellum destination just announced that it'll be moving locations, citing that the staff often have to clean up samples of bodily functions left on the store's sidewalk and walls by rowdy drunks. If that last sentence has you browsing for specific bodily functions through PornHub, then this shop is your personal heaven. Leather Masters caters to every type of fetish, be it dog muzzles or sex swings, and their garment leatherwork is elegant — something you could wear to an event, if you're a bold Angelina type. While other sex stores cater to bachelorette party planners or softcore 50 Shades enthusiasts, the shop is more focused on customers who can't get by without true kink.

Best Place to Buy a Vegan Purse and Tattoos

Koneko Studio

Nobody knows exactly when vegan, punk rock, all-natural tattoo parlors/stores became a thing, but one can be sure the world has fully embraced them when a new one comes to Dallas, of all places. And for good reason! The word has gotten out that tattoo ink often contains toxic metals, as well as animal-derived dyes and byproducts. Koneko seeks to provide not only natural but cruelty-free alternatives for those who are looking to make a difference in the environment and their all-around well-being. Located on industrial Main Street, the bright, curated shop is full of plants, comfy couches and all-natural products, including faux leather purses. Brands that specialize in leather-free, eco-friendly bags are a strong investment to make if you're looking for an animal-friendly alternative to hide. Further, the team, led by founder Linda Bishop, tests each and every product in store, so customers can rest assured of their quality. Each of their team members specializes in tattoos then some, offering lots of other cruelty-free cosmetic procedures such as waxing, eyelash extensions and piercings. When the weather's nice, Koneko has been known to host pop-ups with local, eco-friendly businesses that specialize in food, jewelry and refurbished vintage bits and bobs. On top of it all, it also smells really good in there!

Kathy Tran
British Emporium

The British Emporium doesn't stock royal cottages or tabloid paparazzi, but everything else you need to feel like a Windsor can be found at this small grocery store-slash-gift shop that's packed with biscuits, teas, chocolates and quintessential British provisions like meat pies and Irn-Bru, some of which you can't get even in your supermarket's international aisle. Somehow there's still room for an array of mugs and teapots and piles of memorabilia (Doctor Who knickknacks, Downton Abbey coffee table books). Sign up for the email newsletter to find out about the store's occasional events catering to Who fans, expats and, of course, royal watchers.

This is the kind of shop that might be called (fondly, we promise) a hole in the wall, but while Nature's Gallery is short on square footage, it's got glitz aplenty in the form of rocks and minerals from around the world: polished and rough-cut stones, crystals, geodes and fossils fit for a collector's shelf or your Lucite end table. Everything's carefully labeled, and the owner, Donald, will happily advise newbies or talk shop — and trade specimens — with seasoned hobbyists. He does custom gem-cutting work too. Bring the kids; they'll love rummaging for treasure in the basket of free rocks by the door.

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