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Best Place to Buy a Musical Instrument

Sam Ash

You may walk in and say "just looking" then walk out with a candy-apple-red five-piece drum kit, or at least a used tumbadora that needs a good home. Sam Ash is a music tinkerer's field day. There's a good variety of new and used equipment, including orchestral instruments, and a low-key but attentive and smart staff to guide you to your new rockstar life. With such a big store, there's always have a lot of inventory in stock. 

It's happened to everyone: You bust the backdoor out of your jeans or get a nasty rip on the sleeve of your jacket. Such is the risk of walking around in the world each day, and if you're anything like us, you probably aren't an ace tailor capable of stitching it back together like new. That's where folks like Harry Papas come in. Located in North Dallas, the aptly named Harry's Tailor Shop has gained a stellar reputation for salvaging the clothes you thought you'd utterly ruined. Papas has been tailoring away for decades, having opened his first shop in 1985. Harry's is open from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Courtesy of Forever Young

The giant jukebox-shaped arch over the door at Forever Young makes a great photo backdrop, but if you're scouting for a setting with vinyl records as props for your latest TikTok video, go embarrass yourself elsewhere. Forever Young is a destination for true-blue lovers of music, in all mediums and all ages. Filled with troves of CDS, vinyl and cassettes, the massive store has a room dedicated to rare records. There's an unmatched assortment of memorabilia, such as vintage Beatles masks and velvet Elvis paintings, and new posters that are perfectly priced for broke teenagers. If you're looking for a Sir Mix-a-Lot T-shirt (because why wouldn't you be?) and to grow your album collection, this must be the place.

Hannah Ridings

Fake plants have long been on home decorators' don't-even-think-about-it list, though that's changing somewhat as the quality of imitation plants has improved in recent years. How can you tell a good fake plant? If it's called "faux" and costs way more than you expected, then it's probably acceptable, but why take the chance? The good people at the gift and plant shop Jade and Clover in Deep Ellum can help you select and design planters with live house plants and succulents in almost any size at affordable prices. The store's "plant bar" provides the green stuff, containers, colorful sand to dress up your plant's home and plenty of guidance to help those with a black thumb keep their carbon dioxide-devouring little buddies alive. If any of your existing potted plants start looking a little peaked, Jade and Clover can also help you find a new pot and offer guidance on keep things blooming.

Patrick Williams

Dallas isn't exactly the most skateboard-friendly city, as you can probably tell while walking downtown and spotting all the handrails with anti-grind guards on them. But it is still a city with plenty of skateboarders, and if you're one of them, The Point Skate Shop is your best bet for getting new gear. Situated in Deep Ellum, The Point has decks, trucks, wheels, bearings and every other skateboard component you could dream up. It also has skateboard brand clothing and shoes, and the folks there offer beginners lessons at a reasonable price.

If you're looking for a new suit and dread going to the mall because of pushy salespeople, terrible parking and the dread of aimless shopping, look no further than The Man's Shop by Wally Hardin. Located in downtown Arlington, the men's clothing store is stocked with just the right number of suits, shirts and sportswear items to not overwhelm customers. The Man's Shop also exudes old-school clothier vibes, as it's the kind of place where your stylist knows your name, your wife's name and maybe even your measurements. You may pay a little extra for a bespoke suit, but most likely it's gonna last you for 10 years. Also, the shop's Instagram videos are informative and relaxing. Ask for Austin or Wally for the "new you."

Cutting the bun is never easy, especially when your parents used haircuts as punishment for bad grades, and your 10-year-old self had to hear about your stylist's dating problems. The good news is, you're an adult now and get to decide how often you cut your hair, bad behavior or not. So keep your locks trim and looking healthy while taking off 10 years of late nights and split ends at House of Dear. Once known as Dear Clark, House of Dear is cool, hip and luxurious. They are known for being curly hair specialists, and every stylist in the joint is top-shelf. The studio also offers a great selection of in-house products to turn your 1981 Bob Ross into a 2022 Harry Styles.

The way Kyle Salter tells it, selling and working on scooters is "kind of my entire life." He's been working on scooters since 2004 and bought the scooter shop formerly known as Garner's Classic Scooters in 2011. He posts much of his work on Instagram, where you can find him at the handle @kylescootershop. He works by appointment, but if you give him a shout, he'd be glad to show you one of his restored Vespas. With the way gas prices are headed, we suggest you give him a ring sooner rather than later.

Dallas itself isn't known for camping, but there are plenty of places within driving distance that are worth heading out to and staking your tent. But first, you'll need a tent, and the best spot to cop a new tent is Scheels in The Colony. Plus, they've got you covered if you need a sleeping bag, cooking supplies, outdoor clothes, boots or camping furniture. Heck, the employee-owned business has even got ready-to-eat camping meals for your great journey outdoors. A new backpack? No problem. Fishing gear? They've got it. Headlamps and lanterns? Pfft. But be careful when you go in there; it's easy to spend the contents of your wallet.

The Dreads Dispensary houses a wide variety of High Times Award-winning products. Just by going in the store you're almost guaranteed to receive a free pre-rolled CBD joint if there are any left in the jar by the register. You'll be greeted by real Rastafarians eager to show you some of the newest indoor grown hemp and edible infusions like their home-baked cookie tray and Kush Berries cereal that can leave you high, happy and mildly functional for 48 hours. Dreads is a Dallas-based cannabis lifestyle brand that participates in both the hemp and medical marijuana sides of the industry, along with an exclusive line of rotating deadstock apparel items.

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