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The Dreads Dispensary houses a wide variety of High Times Award-winning products. Just by going in the store you're almost guaranteed to receive a free pre-rolled CBD joint if there are any left in the jar by the register. You'll be greeted by real Rastafarians eager to show you some of the newest indoor grown hemp and edible infusions like their home-baked cookie tray and Kush Berries cereal that can leave you high, happy and mildly functional for 48 hours. Dreads is a Dallas-based cannabis lifestyle brand that participates in both the hemp and medical marijuana sides of the industry, along with an exclusive line of rotating deadstock apparel items.

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Deep Vellum, located in Deep Ellum, is more than a bookstore: It's also the city's leading publishing house and the regular host of authors from around the country, including from Dallas and elsewhere in Texas. The bookstore is a small but charming place, and the good folks running the show there host authors who publish their books with a range of independent and mainstream publishing houses around the country. Founder Will Evans established the place with the hopes of contributing to the literary arts community in Dallas, and for the last seven or so years, the Deep Vellum team has succeeded. They've hosted Texas authors including Rachel Monroe, Skip Hollandsworth and Lance Scott Walker, among others.

Carl Block is a true Lone Star legend. This North Texas folk potter infuses each piece with American traditionalism and an outlaw sensibility. Block's take on Southern face jugs have offbeat expressions and vivid hues, and over the decades, he's established a style that is wholly, unmistakably his. He also specializes in intricately crafted wall platters, lucky cats and musician jugs. The potter has a thick Rolodex of lifelong patrons who are all enamored of his one-of-a-kind style. Fair warning: as soon as you buy one of Block's face jugs, you'll never be able to stop.

With the summer heat fading and fall approaching, you might be eyeing your back patio with the hope of enjoying the brief respite North Texas gets now and then. If you have a soul, though, you could also be thinking about a local shop that sells the outdoor furniture you need to get your yard in shape. Look no further than Sunnyland Outdoor Living in North Dallas. For owner David Schweig, patio furniture is a family business, and his family boasts three generations in the game. Sunnyland has more than 35,000 square feet of showroom space stocked with patio tables, chairs, umbrellas, firepits and whatever else you dream of surrounding your house with.

When fate strikes, it doesn't care what time of the day or night it is. Who hasn't gotten a flat tire late at night and found themselves stuck on the roadside (or somewhere worse) waiting for help? If you're in Dallas when the blowout hits, though, you don't necessarily have to wait for roadside assistance or leave your car stranded on the shoulder until the shops open the next morning. 24 Hour Rodriguez Tire Shop is open, well, 24 hours a day. They don't have a website, so you'll have to phone them or catch an Uber that way.

Depending on whether you prefer light jogs, cross country or trail running, the kind of shoes you wear when you take off will make a big difference. Whatever your fancy, Fleet Feet Dallas has plenty of choices, plus just about every type of running-related gear, supplements, gadgets or accessories you didn't know you needed. Energy gels, compression socks, anti-chafing balms — Fleet Feet has it all. The folks there also organize free running groups if you need a gang of pals to hold you accountable. There are two stores in Dallas and others in Richardson, Coppell, McKinney and Frisco. Check out Fleet Feet Dallas' website to find the location nearest you.

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Today's board game selections are so varied and complex that there are stores dedicated to selling them and tons of specialized accessories to go with them. Common Ground Games is one of the first retail places in DFW to offer a wide selection of popular and independent party, role-playing, strategy and cooperative board and card games. Now it's even bigger. The Inwood Road board game store moved into a huge space just a few doors down from where it started. It has twice as many games — rare favorites you can find only online to the God-knows-how-many versions of pop culture-themed Monopoly. The truly great thing about Common Ground Games is its sense of community. Even after all these years, you can still walk in and play games from their library or ones you brought with you at no charge.

There are pop-ups and then there are The Social Chica pop-ups. The Social Chica concept, a marketing and merchandising company, has blossomed into a movement. The Social Chica serves women- and Latina-owned businesses by creating a platform through markets. Vendors are guided through every step of the process including marketing, vendor photo shoots, booth setup tips and business development conferences. The Social Chica rolls out the red carpet for consumers as well. Each family-friendly pop-up is differentiated with a meticulously curated theme. Shoppers are given a luxury treatment from the moment they walk in the door. They are greeted with a drink and invited to browse an assortment of goods, foods and desserts. A DJ sets the tone for the event. Backdrops and photo booths are available to cement the memory. The kids are even covered with a ball pit and event-specific activities to keep them entertained.

In light of recent political and judicial decisions (that are not very supreme at all), there's been an uptick in vasectomies. Whether it's because of men supporting women and women's health or just covering their own asses, both sound pretty good right about now in Texas. Dr. H. Jake Porter of Urology Clinics of North Texas is a "belt and suspenders" guy, so he doesn't just go for one protective measure, he goes for all of them: the snip, the cauterization and the clamps. (If appropriate for the patient, of course.) He offers friendly and informative consults and easy-to-follow recovery instructions with little to no pain.

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Now that more people know it's acceptable to work in a space that's not a cubicle, it's even more appropriate to work anywhere, as long as there's WiFi. But some places are better than others. Eating nachos while typing is messy, too rambunctious a crowd is distracting and the glow of a computer in a dark space is rude. On the flipside, having the option to switch from water or soda to a good beer is a plus. Westlake Brewery offers that, plus a vibe that allows you to focus. Staff is friendly enough to keep your spirits up even when work is annoying, bright light flows through the glass garage doors, the music appropriately varies and it isn't too loud. Before you know it, you've finished everything, and it's time to drink a Y'All Star. (Or drink on the job. We won't tell.)

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