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Imagine staying in a pre-2015 Wes Anderson movie for a weekend: the colors, the kitsch, the obsessive attention to detail and overall feeling that the staff actually gives a damn if you're enjoying your stay. That's how they roll at the recently remodeled Prince Solms Inn in New Braunfels. It holds the title of oldest consistently running hotel in Texas, and each of the 10 rooms exhibits its own personality through unique decor. The blue library room is a standout for any lover of books, and the hotel manager dresses like an Italian movie director, his ascot and pocket square exuding nothing but class. Wait, is that live jazz coming from the basement? Yes, indeed it is. The basement of the hotel is home to an actual non-cheesy speakeasy, loaded with people, drinks, jazz and the feeling something salacious may have gone down a hundred years prior to your visit. Is it possibly haunted? Aren't most 150-year-old establishments with grand staircases haunted? Ghosts love velvet couches, chic furniture and delicious cocktails. The good news is, if you kick the bucket here, there is hope for a decent afterlife.

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