Best of Dallas®

2014 Edition

It's the damndest thing. For 51 weeks a year, our staff scours Dallas looking for people doing bad and/or dumb things so we can tell you all about it. We work them like animals, and they're generally a pretty surly bunch. And then they surprise us with something like this, our Best of Dallas® 2014 issue. Who are these strange people, and where is this happy place they live? So many — very many, apparently — cool places to drink. So much fun shopping and dancing and music and culture. And the food. Who knew Dallas was such a gourmand's delight, and not just for tacos, burgers and 7-Eleven sandwiches, but for every sort of dish under the sun? Well, our writers did, and our readers did too. They sent us hundreds of tips about all the places that make the city a Big D-light. Looking through this year's issue, one thing's apparent: Our readers and writers have been out having a good time, and we weren't invited. Very funny, guys, but the jig's up. We've got the Best of Dallas® in our grubby editor hands, and we're stepping out. Those guys you see in the club doing the bus driver? Asking for ketchup in a sushi restaurant? Yeah, that'll be us. Let's par-tay. The Editors

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You Dallas Observer readers out there really know how to have a good time, don't you? Gracious, so many ideas for great food, drinks, shopping, nightlife and culture in Big D. How do you fit it all in? Seriously, don't you people have JOBS? Don't you have to go to...



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